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    Noticed the date of this thread. Created almost 10 years ago... ALOT has changed since then. Hollywood has caught on real good taking notes from Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, and now Indonesia. As a whole, they still have alot to go through since past problems is still evident in many movies today but you can tell that they are STILL learning which is a good thing. Who knows, maybe 10 years from now Hollywood may very well perfect the art of fight choreography like we all want to. Let's see what happens.
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    Along with a new trailer and poster. https://www.polygon.com/2018/12/27/18157761/jackie-chan-police-story-4k-restoration-trailer-best-action-movie Police Story and Police Story 2 will be screening in weeklong engagements at the Alamo Drafthouse (Downtown Brooklyn), the Alamo New Mission (San Francisco), and the Music Box (Chicago) beginning Feb. 1, as well as at the Los Angeles NuArt (March 8-14), the Coolidge Corner Cinema (Boston, Feb. 1-2), Landmark’s Ken (San Dieg, Feb 1-2), the Alamo Drafthouse Ritz (Austin, Feb 2-3), the Alamo Drafthouse Yonkers (Feb. 4), the Alamo Drafthouse Littleton (Denver, Feb 6), SIFF Cinema (Seattle, Feb 8), the Hollywood (Portland, Feb. 16-23), the Alamo Drafthouse LaCenterra (Katy, Feb. 19), the Charles (Baltimore, Feb. 28), and the DIA (Detroit, May 26-28). More information in the article above.
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    Original post deleted as it includes copyrighted material.
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    I've finally gotten around to watching this on kanopy.com. I really loved the range of Chow Yun-Fat's acting in this. Outside of an American comedy or two, I've only seen him in nothing but serious roles. Well those movies sucked and I got to see Chow in a great multi-faceted performance. I'm also still sad after seeing this movie. It's been like 13 years but I'm definitely now back into crime Hong Kong cinema films like this again.
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    Thought they posted back in the fall that there was a distribution deal being ironed out for a dvd release. I Am Omega is some cheesy fun. And I am absolutely looking forward to the Tim Man/Kane Kosugi project...if it ever actually gets made.
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    Article on Iron Sky The Coming Race at https://screenanarchy.com/2018/12/tom-green-udo-kier-and-hitler-on-a-dinosaur-its-the-theatrical-trailer-for-iron-sky-the-coming-race.html with a new trailer and partial release schedule. The movie opens in Finland on January 16, 2019, and then later (February) in Denmark, Sweden, (March) Norway, Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. "The film has also been sold to multiple territories, including UK, China, Korea, Japan, France and Poland - their release schedules are to follow... US is a very challenging market for theatrical distribution, but we believe it can be achieved with the help of our fans." The latest trailer is at -
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    The Driver starring Mark Dacascos is in post-production, so hopefully that drops this year. It's a zombie flick, but maybe he'll get to give some of them a boot to the head. Doesn't really seem like there's a whole slated. Bummer. Not sure what's coming out as far as indie releases go, but hopefully something will crop up that will be good. Still waiting for a dvd release of Unlucky Stars.
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    Hollywood probably spent less time filming the fight scenes?, with more emphasis on the non action scenes during production?. While in Hong Kong it was probably the other way round?. I also think they had ore of a free reign on what they could do in fight scenes in H.K. Not just becuase they had more talented people there, but also there wasnt any legal red tape. You cant see WB investing money in a big star, then having them risk their neck, with dangerous fight choreography and stunts.
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    Just got back after being away for five days and this Eureka blu ray set has arrived
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    1. Crossfire (although highly highly unlikely to be a 2019 release at this point, if it even gets made) 2. Triple Threat 3. The Invincible Dragon 4. Ip Man 4 5. Project Extraction
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    An easier answer. Hollywood hires old point tournament guys. Meanwhile, HK and Japan have a long history of choreography. Most of those guys could fight better than the HK guys, but the HK guys were trained from 8 years old to choreograph fights, set up camera angles (eventually) and so on. China's big contribution to martial arts are long, pre-arranged sets of movements. Most other cultures fight very realistically- quick and it's over with. Most fencing duels are over very quickly. Most fights were two guys know what they are doing are not back and forth block and punch, etc. It's in and out, and if you get caught, bang, it's over. Chinese know how to make it dramatic, it is part of the opera tradition. I can tell you, those real life guys from the Q'ing did arts that were very direct and not flowery, like Hsing Yi and Pa Kua.
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    Bruce Lee's Training Methods dated 1973.
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    Ip Man 4 Enter the Fat Dragon John Wick 3 (they better let Mark Dacascos loose in this one)
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    While I think Invincible Dragon may end up being a dud, I am anticipating anything Max Zhang has to offer right now. I'm hoping his Assassins & The Missing Gold will see a release too, although I believe it's been renamed now. I just can't remember the new title. Ip Man 4 is, of course, a big one. I'm less intrigued by Donnie and more intrigued in how Yuen Woo Ping handles Scott Adkins. Enter the Fat Dragon I'm really excited about. I am hoping it doesn't skimp on the action like Big Brother and offers us some really solid fight scenes. Fingers crossed. I'm interested to see how Furie turns out. The trailer didn't excite me too much but I know Veronica Ngo can really do good things when she commits. And who isn't looking forward to Triple Threat right now? Ohand even though they're technically 2018 releases, Master Z and Shadow are definitely on my list. Lastly, I know they're not films, but I'm looking forward to Wu Assassins, London Gangs and Cinemax's Warrior. 2019 might be a really solid year for martial arts based tv. I hope no one is looking forward to Steven Seagal's next offering. Whatever that might be. I'm still shocked people on this forum still look forward to Van Damme films.
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    I have to say City Wars has some good heroic bloodshed at the final 20 minutes. Plus Ti Liung throws in a little street kung fu. If you want mayhem and decent, if a little corny drama, see Tragic Hero. That needs to be remastered. Chow Yung Fat plays a mob boss with a soft heart. Well, soft until you push him too far!
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    Just the dub. Isn't the Taiwanese cut more of an intentional comedy?
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    Did you watch the english dubbed version or the recent subbed HK version in very good quality? It's like watching a completely new movie, different scenes, actors etc.
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    So 7 Street Fighter movies on march 26th on blu ray…. now that is pretty awesome.
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    Official poster Love the design of the helmets, yet the suits themselves remind me of a bit of Kyoryuger
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    TC 2000, I'm so mad I didn't get the bluray that was up on diabolik. That is the only place I order my movies from. Occasionally amazon since I have prime for the free shipping. Did any of you guys buy anything on black friday or cyber monday? I stocked up on some vinegar syndrome titles.
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    Well, in the late 80's - early 90's, the A-list Hollywood martial arts movies, i.e. Van Damme and Seagal, were not too bad, but I got more editing wise with the B-movies of the likes of Gary Daniels, Don "The Dragon" Wilson, and Cynthia Rothrock. It seems to me the producers of the lesser budgeted films knew what they were doing as opposed to the choppy editing of today's Hollywood martial arts films. One example is PM Entertainment's martial arts films like Ring of Fire and To Be The Best (with Mike Worth). They took a page from Jackie Chan's "double take" and did the "triple take", where the first two times are cut from different angles followed by a more slow motioned shot to show the impact. Case in point, Gary Daniels vs. Ron Yuan in Ring of Fire. Yuan is against the ropes and Daniels strikes him with a Muay Thai flying knee strike. Two quick shots from different angles then a slow motion of the same move with an upclose impact shot of Yuan's face hitting Daniels' knee. It was this kind of editing and cinematography that made me enjoy the B-movie martial arts films of the US.