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    It doesn't follow DM2's story, but I think you could consider it 'official' given the title, and the fact that it shares cast and crew with DM2. As official as it could be considered, during that time period anyway.
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    Features a brief interview, with the one and only Sammo Hung, in English.
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    Legendary (2013) Starring: Scott Adkins, Dolph Lundgren, Yi Huang, Nathan Lee, James Lance, Lydia Leonard, Le Geng Director: Eric Styles Scott Adkins? In a movie without martial arts? Where scenes that would lead into a fight end with him running away? Has the world gone topsy-turvy? It apparently has. So yeah, Adkins was a film that Adkins made while recovering from a back injury and looking for roles that didn’t require him to perform aerial kicks. To quote Maria Pitillo from Godzilla (1998): Where’s the fun in that? Well, the fun is in his other movies. Legendary is mainly a film for those most die-hard of Adkins and Lundgren completists, or more appropriately, movies about killer animals. Akins plays Travis Preston, a famous Cryptozoologist who’s leading an expedition into Western Russia in search of an honest-to-god cave bear. He and his team, including wealthy big game hunter Harker (Dolph Lundgren, who also doesn’t fight in this one), run afoul of the monster, who ends up killing a member of their team. Some time later, Preston, now disgraced, is being sued by Harker and several other entities, and is on his way out, professionally. He’s visited by the lawyer for a wealthy admirer of Preston’s work who wants him to investigate a large reptilian cryptid who has been attacking the construction site of a dam in China. Preston and some members of his old team arrive in China, only to discover that Harker has been officially hired to off the creature, whatever it is. Since Preston’s presence is as an observer, he doesn’t have access to the more official info about what’s going on. So he and his team start sneaking into Harker’s base to find out what’s really going. And then there’s the creature, who continues to attack and mutilate construction workers at random. Just what is it? Perhaps a dragon, as the various titles—the Portuguese title is A Tumba do Dragão, or The Dragon’s Tomb—would suggest? The answer is “nah”. It’s just a giant CGI lizard. The monster doesn’t show itself until the last 20 minutes, so until then, we mainly have characters talking at their base camp, talking at Harker’s base camp, talking on boats, and just talking at places in general. There’s the occasionally glimpse of a CGI monster, which *might* be a dragon, but in the end, isn’t. That is, unless, you recall that some lizard species have “dragon” in their names, like the Soa-Soa Water Dragon, the Bearded Dragon, and the Komodo Dragon. I suppose a giant lizard is a fine killer animal for a film like this; we’ve gotten far too many giant snakes and sharks, let the lizards reign! But yeah, there isn’t much to recommend this British-Chinese co-production. The Portuguese and French titles suggest a Tomb Raider-esque adventure with a monster waiting at the end, but that doesn’t happen. The American title and box art suggest a dragon-dragon, but that doesn’t happen either. The cast suggests a martial arts-gunplay bloodbath, but there’s absolutely none of that here. Just a bunch of people talking until the end, when a twenty-foot gecko starts killing off the major supporting characters in a large cave. Meh.
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    Dark Horizons: Troma Films' anti-hero The Toxic Avenger is getting a remake over at Original Media and Dutch reality TV giant Endemol says Deadline New York. The duo have financed the acquisition of rights to the franchise including four film sequels, an animated TV series and comic books. Writers are expected to be hired shortly. The original camp classic revolves around Tromaville Health Club mop boy Melvin, a gentle wimp whom gets immersed in a vat of toxic waste. Transformed into the misshapen superhero Toxie who wreaks havoc on New Jersey polluters and whose muscular body is a hit with the chicks. The remake will be a family friendly PG-13 action comedy that reinvents Toxie as "a green superhero for these environmentally conscious times" and is akin to 1994 Jim Carrey comedy "The Mask". Akiva Goldsman, Richard Saperstein and Charlie Corwin will produce. If they do it this way, I sure as heck will NOT see it!
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    "Pops" and Jackie had a falling out during the production of DM 2 - creative differences. As the story goes "pops" made this "rushed" movie to "get back" at Jackie.
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    I don't have an answer for you but I think it's safe to assume the Hong Kong Blu Ray will be out long before Well Go USA get around to releasing Master Z - The Ip Man Legacy. I may have to double dip because I want to see the film as soon as possible but I also want to support Well Go USA.
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    Chrissie Chau, Max Zhang, and "Lord Eight" Yuen Woo-Ping in Foshan for a promotional event for Master Z: The Ip Man Legacy
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    I know The Story of Drunken Master was released by Xenon Entertainment as Drunken Fist Boxing, which had Jackie Chan artwork from DMII Drunken Master III was a jumbled mess that could have been so much better. On the upside, lead villain Giorgio Pasotti would go on to be a successful actor in his native Italy, which still holds today. It is known in the U.S. as Drunken Master Killer.
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    Just announced - Australians get a chance to win a ticket to see Master Z, which opens there on December 21, 2018. The chance to win a ticket expires on Dec 18th. Instructions here - https://screenanarchy.com/2018/12/hey-australia-win-tickets-to-see-master-z-and-airpocalypse-in-cinemas.html Also opening in Australia on Dec 21 is "Xiao Yang's comedy film Airpocalypse, which is about a psychologist known as the 'Master of Suicide Intervention'." Why does Australia get these highly anticipated movies (well, not Airpocalypse) so much sooner than they're released in North America? Why are we in North America still waiting for Well Go USA's 2019 theatrical release date announcement for Shadow, when it already opened in Australia exactly 2 months ago?
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    Fourth trailer for Alita: Battle Angel - found at http://cityonfire.com/james-cameron-says-battle-angel-l/
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    New article on Furie at https://filmcombatsyndicate.com/furie-veronica-ngo-lays-the-smackdown-in-the-official-trailer/ Veronica Ngo also co-produced, directed and co-starred in Tam Cam: The Untold Story (2016), a traditional Vietnamese Cinderella fairy tale with some swordplay. Cleopatra Entertainment released the DVD in the US in November 2017. It's available on Amazon.
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    Please don't shut this thread down. Obviously I have no idea how much shit you the moderators are going through in dealing with the complaints that you shouldn't have to. Couldn't you just delete the complaints or temporarily suspend the accounts of people who have not listened/read the perfectly put 6point stance from KungFuBOB ? I know you have warned on several occasions but it seems a shame to close a thread that has been going for so long and that so many people enjoy.
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    Toby was kind enough to sub Lotus Camp, which is fantastic. On the flip side, I was re-reading a quick passage on Cathay in Stephen Teo's Chinese Martial Arts films (you can read the passages free on google) and he says the BEST Cathay Wu Xia is the impossible to get COLD BLADE. Anyway here is a little image from it. The sound was bad, some parts could not be subbed, but there is a lot of comedy relief. The evil master insists that people prostate themselves in front of him and wish him a "A long, long life" the hero is perplexed, but the female minion tells him "That's his deal" so he says "I wish you a long, long, long life, Divine One!"
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    Streets of Fire (1984) - This is one of the few movies I ever walked out of, back when it opened theatrically. The dialog was so trite, and the plot no better. The music sounded great, if derivative. The director, Walter Hill (The Warriors), "wanted to go with a young group of relative unknowns". (Wikipedia) So the most interesting part of watching Streets of Fire on cable now is seeing how the unknowns went on to greater things after this movie. Diane Lane, just a pretty face as the young singer, Ellen Aim, went on to star in Under the Tuscan Sun and Must Love Dogs, and is still busy acting. With her makeup and big hair, I didn't recognize her in Streets of Fire. (She didn't really sing in the movie; the voices of Laurie Sargent and Holly Sherwood were combined as Ellen Aim's singing voice.) Rick Moranis, the annoying Billy Fish, co-starred in Ghostbusters (which opened a week after Streets of Fire). Michael Paré (the hero Tom Cody) said, "Rick Moranis drove me out of my mind. There's this whole wave of insult comedy. In the real world, if someone insults you a couple of times, you can smack them. Or punch them. You can't do that on a movie set." Amy Madigan, playing the tough female McCoy, is still busy acting. Willem Dafoe, the villainous bike gang leader Raven, went on to fame in better films, when he looked more mature. One of the most recent movies he appeared in is Aquaman. Deborah Van Valkenburgh, who played Tom Cody's sister, appeared in TV series until 2016. Richard Lawson (the black cop Ed Price) still appears in TV episodes. Bill Paxton (Clyde the Bartender in the movie) was a busy actor until his death in 2017. Robert Townsend (The Meteor Man) was one of the singing Sorels in Streets of Fire. He has been busy as a producer, and was last seen in two Black Lightning episodes. Mykelti Williamson (Forrest Gump), another singing Sorel, has been acting in TV episodes. Elizabeth Daily (aka E.G. Daily, the hanger-on Baby Doll in the movie) keeps busy with TV episodes and as a voice actress. Lynne Thigpen, a subway motorwoman in the movie, went on to appear in nearly 300 episodes of Where in the World Is 'Carmen Sandiego? and as Ella Farmer in The District series. She died in 2003 of a cerebral hemorrhage. Ed Begley Jr., who appeared briefly as Ben Gunn (named after the Treasure Island character?), a street bum, must be one of the busiest of actors. Lately he has been in Arrested Development and Better Call Saul. (Not to mention sending me solicitations to "Save the Bees".) Peter Jason, with a very familiar face, played a cop in the movie. He has also been in lots of movies, TV episodes and shorts, including Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom. Kathy Griffin had an uncredited role as a concertgoer in Streets of Fire. The climactic fight between Tom Cody and Raven was filmed choppily in short clips, not so great fight choreography . "Hill did not want the film to be especially violent - there would be no blood and no one would die." (Wikipedia) So Streets of Fire wound up getting a PG rating.
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    These could be confusing for those not in the know...
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    I caught this on TV last week. Over here in Brazil, it's been released as Comando Final 3: Paradoxo, which suggests that it's SPL part 3. Using that logic, then we can say that it has dethroned Police Story as the franchise that has won the Best Action Choreography Award the most, with all four entries (Flash Point included) winning the award. I enjoyed it, but man, that film was dark and brutal. Of course, my wife, who was on the computer in the room doing school work, always turned her head when someone was getting their head blown off or hacked to pieces. The fighting was excellent, with some great machete/meat cleaver work in the climax. The wire-use was as awkward as it could be expected from a Sammo Hung-choreographed film, but the majority of that was reserved for jumping/flipping stunts. But yeah, I recommend the movie.
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    Glad to hear that it's open again. Had to mention some weird parallels to what you mentioned wanting to see... DIE HARD was playing here locally last week, and my son wanted me to go see it with him. I couldn't because I'm too busy with work, and he wound up hanging out with some friends and missed the screening. When he got home he decided to watch one of the classics he's never seen from a pile of movies I've lent him... BUTCH CASSIDY AND THE SUNDANCE KID! (He loved it!) I put on DIE HARD (talk of seeing it had made me want to watch it again for the zillionth time) as a something to unwind before bed film (man, it's still as enjoyable as it was when I saw it opening weekend), and wound up watching the whole thing. Today while I was drawing I put GREMLINS on as fun background noise! @KenHashibe what is going on? Is the New Bev secretly spying on my movie-watching choices to choose their upcoming screenings? 😄
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    This looks great but when will the bad guys learn never start something with Jackie in a room especially when there's furniture at hand lol ????