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I would like to thank everyone who was able to make a donation for the purpose of obtaining new features for the forum. The donation goal was met rather quickly and we here at Kung Fu Fandom can not thank you enough for the support. The plan is once the new site is up and running, the focus will then turn to the forum on updating and adding these new features and we will continue to strive to make your time spent here on the forum as enjoyable as possible. _/|\_


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    100 copies sold in the first week. Wooow. What can I say but ... THANK YOU !!
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    The library had another seasonal sale, so I managed to get 3 Hong Kong movies on dvd today. They had quite a lot of universe dvd releases, but most were junky movies or just movies I already own on better releases. Picked up The Prodigal Son, A Man Called Hero: Special Cut and the Stephen Chow movie King of Comedy. Figured I didn't do too bad!
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    IF you need the English subs, I have them for all of these.
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    Born on October 29, 1955, Etsuko Shihomi gained fame as a model and actress. A protege of the legendary Sonny Chiba, Shihomi trained in Karate and Kenjutsu and was a prominent member of Chiba's Japan Action Club (JAC), now known today as Japan Action Enterprises. Making her debut in Bodyguard Kiba 2 in 1973, Shihomi made an appearance in The Street Fighter before getting her own series of film, re-titled Sister Street Fighter, which last four films from 1974 to 1976. She would also appear in films like Dragon Princess, Roaring Fire, and Legend of the Eight Samurai among many films. She retired from films in 1986 when she married Japanese pop star Tsuyoshi Nagabuchi. The couple would have two kids, actress Akane Nagabuchi and race car driver/musician Ren Nagabuchi. Staying out of the spotlight for many years, Shihomi found another love in the form of flower arranging. A photography book in 2011 brought her back into the spotlight and since then, she has focused on her flower arrangement business, in which it has gone worldwide. Here's her official website, to which she is once again using her maiden name professionally but the URL has her married name: http://nagabuchietsuko.com (But the site reads Etsuko Shihomi) Here she is today Her daughter Ayane Nagabuchi Her son, Ren Nagabuchi She appeared on 1 episode of the 1977 Super Sentai Series JAKQ Dengekitai
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    My latest custom. I will be doing a lot of Girls with Guns and 80's action for a while. My favorite stuff is old school, but I had forgotten how fun these can be. I think I overdosed on them and saw a lot of shitty prints on this cable channel. These new restorations are great and I can sub and have my friends help!
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    Chia Ling, my top favourite together with Angela Mao, Shan Kuan Ling Fung and Lily Li
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    The shows sound pretty awesome, but I don't know if they've been released in the US (or at least with English subtitles). And I'm sure if I had seen the shows, I'd enjoy the films more. The reunions and twists were lost on me, but that's okay. 😁 I think I prefer the first film because of how over-the-top it is actually. Also, I feel that Yoko Minamino is a more charismatic actress than Yui Asaka. And I think Minamino's characters arc is more interesting too, which is a big part of why I liked the first film more. I did really enjoy both films and I can see myself watching them over and over. And I agree, those are some great-looking box sets.
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    I've always been fond of VHS's, mainly because they bring back nostalgic memories of watching them as a kid. There are certain movies that I prefer on VHS just to recreate that nostalgic feeling (i.e. Singin' in the Rain which I watched all the time as a kid). Plus, most people don't want their old VHS's anymore, so they're super cheap! Same goes for LaserDiscs unless they're rare. Anyway, that's a really cool find (albeit the confusing title)! I actually own very few kung fu/HK movies on VHS. They're a bit harder to find for me. I think the only shrink-wrapped VHS I had was Twin Dragons (the old English dub before Miramax got the rights to it). And of course, it's not shrink-wrapped anymore since I wanted to watch it. 😁 It's cool that we both have a fascination with retro media despite being some of the younger members.
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    Apparently the Japanese Blu-ray does have English subtitles and is region free.
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    The new Hong Kong blu ray of Drunker Master II arrived today
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    I also watched A monk's fight yesterday for the first time. And once again, what a superb movie, though I found it a little bit slow from time to time. I took a look to the cast on hkmdb and saw that the hero is played by Lee Wing, who was also the action director of the movie. NO wonder that the fights were very good, but what a shame that he played in only this movie. He perfectly impersonates the dark solitary hero in my opinion and he should have had more roles in martial arts movies. My only complaint regarding this movie is that Pearl Chang Ling is furiously underused in this movie !
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    I watched Killer from above yesterday, the subbed version from our friend NoKungFuForYou, for the first time. What a superb movie !! Lo Lieh is excellent here, playing what everybody thinks to be a bad guy, but who is actually seeking revenge for his murdered master. Wang Ping and Chang Yi are there too for a short role. The fights are excellent, worth watching.
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    I have concerns about the idea of adding grain to Drunken Master 2. If the transfer already looks good, with lots of detail and good color, I don't see the point of adding a filter. I've never understood the obsession people have with film grain. If it looks good, there is no need to attempt to gild the lily and potentially cause problems that weren't there to begin with. This just strikes me as the other extreme of the problem people have with DNR erasing detail. I vote against adding artificial grain.
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    Certainly, the opening scenes clearly introduce the Thundering Sword as central to the story. And it would be interesting to know how faithfully the English title translates the intent of the original Chinese. I recall a similar paradox with the film Vengeance is a Golden Blade (1969). Two powerful swords that really feature very little in the subsequent proceedings. That said, I wonder if it is absolutely necessary to focus on the weapon every time. Perhaps in this instance, the director expects the viewer to accept its power and reputation as a given, while shifting the narrative's focus to the human response to its very threat. Each character's motives revealing the best and worst of humanity. The trade-off for limited action is a decent story instead. Given the year of production, I am not surprised that the film has veered into melodrama. I believe this was the directors intention all along, though you are right saying the setup is misleading suggesting an action epic. But it soon becomes evident that this is an old school production, something I personally enjoy viewing, and a concept later reprised by Chu Yuan in the 70's. I accept these films are not for everyone. Action oriented viewers really cannot go past Chang Cheh's output beginning the very same year, which eschews the operatic origins so evident in this film. As for the titular weapon; when it is finally used the result is totally underwhelming, an anti-climax. I presume this was no accident given the melodramatic nature of the story, but only the director can answer that. I suspect it was to stress the futility of the prior carnage, and to refocus the viewer on the conundrum facing the clans. I was really wondering how on earth they were going to resolve the situation? I agree, the sets look fantastic, and I loved Cheng Pei Pei's costume. Cheng Pei Pei does carry the film, we see flashes of the steely determination so evident in Come Drink With Me (1966) and we also get to see an emotional side. Yet her character is flawed, subject to impetuous actions and outbursts of violence, which ultimately leads to a heart-wrenching conclusion.
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    Mine arrived a day early! I'm extremely excited to read this! I'm sure I'll really enjoy it!
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    I don't understand how that site is still going on..... They sell fake widescreen, cheap quality DVDs that don't even work half the time, overrate the quality of the print, charge an arm and leg for them with high shipping costs from Dubai, take weeks to ship, awful after sale service (ever tried to ask for a replacement of a defective disc?)
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    I'll get to read this later on tonight ...