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    Bruce Lee as Chen Chen was a one-off - a frightening force of nature that cut a swathe through his Japanese (and one Russian!) enemies in Fist of Fury. Right from the start he leaps onto his teachers coffin in a fit of uncontrollable angst. Clearly Chen is bordering on becoming a full on psycho. His marvellous fighting skills aside, he scowls, hides out and ambushes his opponents and when he finally surrenders, he's still raging at the Japanese before leaping to his death under a hail of gunfire. Now contrast his younger brother, Chen San; yes, he wants revenge too but he's controlled over his actions. He doesn't rage and scowl. He's methodical, argues his case rationally and is more interested in rallying the troops than Chen Chen was. Chen San also deals with the police and gets the inspector on his side. He's also honourable, giving the Japanese Miimoto the noble way to meet his death. Finally, being the rational man he is - he gives himself up to the law, with the Ching Wu School re-established and justice dished out for the death of his (unstable?) brother.
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    I would agree that Fist of Fury II is a better movie, but then again you have to remember that Bruce Lee himself didn't like working with Lo Wei, who had his own ideas. Lo was very anti Japanese. Fist of Fury II, on the otherhand was a Taiwanese production, although it is set in China and has a mostly Chinese cast other than Ho Chung Tao who was a Taiwanese man, and was directed by Lee Tso Nam who was a much better director, having directed numerous classics which remain popular among fans of Taiwanese kung fu to this day. I also think that Ho Chung Tao is a great actor. His first and probably most well known role was in the Shaw Brothers movie New Game of Death, which was the reason why the folks at Golden Harvest ended up changing the story-line of Game of Death to bear no resemblance to Bruce Lee's idea of the pagoda setting with five floors. New Game of Death fails to accurately show his skills. His martial arts are very wooden in this movie and the choreography isn't too good, although I'd still say it was worth a watch if not for his acting skills and as an early look into the original idea for Game of Death (thanks New Game of Death for ruining my chance to see Bruce Lee's last movie properly and fully completed!). Watch Blind Fist of Bruce or The Chinese Stuntman, they are both his best movies in my books and are not too obscure. There is a subtitled DVD of the Chinese Stuntman in the US I'm sure.
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    i think the next movie may be Battle Creek Brawl. I hope so, the USA blu is one of the worst transfers i've ever seen.
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    I have the uncut version of Fist of Fury Part II in Cinemascope on my YouTube channel. It's from the German DVD, but it's played back at 24FPS and has been upscaled to 1080p using Adobe's detail preserving upscale algorithm. I've also done some colour correction as I felt the print was a little faded. It runs for 1 hour and 38 minutes.
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    I've pre-ordered Dragon Fist but I won't be getting to Kill with Intrigue. I have a soft spot for the Lo Wei Jackie films but it has to be said some are better than others. I've a feeling Spiritual Kung Fu could be on 88 Films release list as somebody with links to the company posted on facebook it had been announced but the post was alongside a photo of Dragon Fist so I queried it but then the post was deleted. Could be just a mistake or may have accidentally leaked another release?
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    If someone can upload this release or point me to where I can download it, I will quickly revise our release to include this new transfer. And I'll add in the Bey Logan commentary. Shouldn't take me more than maybe four or five days once I get a hold of it. I'm particularly proud of the subtitles on our release which are head and shoulders above everything else that is out there. I'm assuming there's no chance this ever gets an official release in an English-speaking country? I assume Dimension still owns the rights to this in the West and would not permit it.
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    Im a sucker for this movie so I might say yes. Its a bummer that Part III wasnt up to par. Hopefully this will be on blu ray, as Michael Worth has been teasing the remaster on insta
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    HK disc 1 of Drunken Master 2 is uncut with final scenes intact. Cantonese and English DTS HD-MA Mono tracks. Though, the subtitles are dubtitles. That's right UNCUT ENDING IN TRUE HD. Second disc contains: International Publication Version 101 minutes Cinema Scope Size; US version 102 mins Cinema Scope Size; Japan Version 100 Minutes Vista Size; Promotion Video; Jackie Chan Interview
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    It had been a few years since I had last checked out the Shaw Studios on Google Maps. This is about two years old, but it looks like someone used a drone near the studio and submitted a photo sphere to Google. This is one of the few shots I had seen with a good image of the Shaw Villa where Run Run Shaw had lived. The pool is not being used but the yard adjacent to it is being kept up. Google map link. As everyone knows the studio's back lot is gone. But I did find one image of a building that may have survived and may have been in the original vicinity of the of the studio's back lot and it looks like it is currently being used as a park. Does this look familiar to anyone? It may be located too far north. Google map link. Here is also a more recent drone flyover video:
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    Full breakdown of all the Eureka Kung Fu/Hong Kong releases: If I'm missing a film, tell me and I'll update the list (maybe the OP can add this to their post as a reference) A Touch of Zen: 4K scan- encoded by David M 2.35:1 AR; 30.99 mbps Mandarin Mono LPCM 1.0 24-Bit New subtitle translation Extras: Select scene commentary by Tony Rayns, Trailer (1 min), King Hu 1932-1997 (48 min), Golden Blood video essay by David Cairns (17 min); Total: 66 min Dragon Inn: 4K scan- encoded by David M 2.35:1 AR; 34.98 mbps Mandarin Mono LPCM 1.0 24-Bit Extras: Trailer (2 min), Premiere Newsreel (2 min), David Cairns visual essay (16 min); Total: 20 min Drunken Master: 4K scan- encoded by David M 2.39:1 AR; 35.01 mbps Cantonese Mono LPCM 1.0 24-Bit Mandarin Mono LPCM 1.0 24-Bit English Mono LPCM 1.0 24-Bit Multiple subtitle translations included Extras: Audio Commentary, Trailer (5 min), UK Music Promo (2 min), Deleted Scene (2 min), Jackie Chan Interview (22 min), Gareth Evans Interview (22 min), Tony Rayns (42 min), Ng See-Yuen Interview (14 min); Total: 109 min Iron Monkey: 2K scan- encoded by David M 1.85:1 AR; 31.54 mbps Cantonese Mono LPCM 1.0 16-Bit Cantonese DTS HD-MA 5.1 24-Bit Mandarin LPCM 2.0 16-Bit English DTS HD-MA 5.1 24-Bit English Mono LPCM 1.0 16-Bit Extras: Trailer (5 min), Donnie Yen Interview (20 min), Tsui Hark Interview (25 min), Yu Rong-guang Interview (27 min), Li Fai Interview (26 min), Angie Tsang Interview (20 min), Choreography of Iron Monkey (16 min), Shadow Boxing with Alex Yip (9 min), Li Fai and Angie Tsang at the 2003 Wu-shu Championship (9 min); Total: 157 min Legend of the Mountain: 4K scan- encoded by David M 2.39:1 AR; 26.99 mbps Mandarin Mono LPCM 1.0 24-Bit Extras: Interview with Tony Rayns (21 min), Video essay by Travis Crawford (18 min), Photo Gallery (5 min), Trailer (1 min); Total: 45 min Police Story: 3 cuts- Theatrical, Japanese, and Police Force UK 4K scan- encoded by David M 2.35:1 AR; 29.91 mbps Cantonese Mono LPCM 1.0 16-Bit Cantonese DTS HD-MA 5.1 24-Bit English DTS HD-MA 5.1 24-Bit English Mono LPCM 1.0 16-Bit New subtitle translation Extras: 4K restoration trailer (4 min), Original Theatrical Trailer (3 min), Jackie Chan Interview (20 min), Jackie Chan Stunts (5 min), Alternate/Extended Scenes (18 min); Total: 50 min Police Story 2: 3 cuts- Extended, Theatrical, UK VHS 4K scan- encoded by David M 2.35:1 AR; 29.98 mbps Cantonese Mono LPCM 1.0 16-Bit Cantonese DTS HD-MA 5.1 24-Bit English DTS HD-MA 5.1 24-Bit New subtitle translation Extras: Audio Commentary for Theatrical Cut, Jackie Chan: Son of The Incredibly Strange Film Show (42 min), Benny Lai Interview (16 min), Outtakes (3 min), Alternate Outtakes (4 min), Original Theatrical Trailer (4 min), Alternate Video Trailer (2 min); Total: 71 min City Hunter: 2K scan- encoded by David M 1.85:1 AR; 31.07 mbps Cantonese Mono LPCM 1.0 24-Bit Cantonese DTS HD-MA 5.1 24-Bit Mandarin LPCM 2.0 24-Bit English DTS HD-MA 5.1 24-Bit English Mono LPCM 1.0 16-Bit New subtitle translation Extras: Jackie Chan Interviews (10 min and 3 min), Wong Jing Interview (7 min), Rocky Bai Interview (11 min), Richard Norton Interview (15 min), Gary Daniels Interview (30 min), Outtakes Music Video (2 min), Outtakes Montage (4 min), Japanese End Credits (3 min), Theatrical Trailer (4 min), Hong Kong DVD Trailer (2 min); Total: 91 min Project A: 2K scan- encoded by David M 2.35:1 AR; mbps Cantonese Mono LPCM 1.0 Cantonese DTS HD-MA 5.1 English DTS HD-MA 5.1 English Mono LPCM 1.0 New subtitle translation Extras: Interview with Tony Rayns (38 min), The Pirate’s Cave (22 min), The Elusive Dragon (18 min), The Pirate’s Cave 2 (14 min), Can’t Stop The Music (17 min), Deleted Scenes (min), Alternate End Credits & Outtakes (2 min), Lunar New Year's Introduction (2 min), 2K restoration trailer (4 min); Total: 117 min (so far) Project A Part 2: 2 Cuts- Theatrical and Export 2K scan- encoded by David M 2.35:1 AR; mbps Cantonese Mono LPCM 1.0 Cantonese DTS HD-MA 5.1 English DTS HD-MA 5.1 English Dolby Digital 1.0 (Export Cut) New subtitle translation Extras: Interview with Tony Rayns (38 min), “The Big Boss” (19 min), Interview with stuntman Mars (15 min), Jackie Chan: King of Action (30 min), "Someone Will Know Me" (13 min), Theatrical Trailer (3 min), Export Trailer (2 min); Total: 120 min (Didn't add the OUATIC series as we don't know the tech specs- only the AR and that David M is doing encoding- nothing about extra cuts or extras. Oh, and there's a new translation done. Project A films don’t have the final specs yet, but those are confirmed)
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    interesting link, thanks for sharing ! I didn't read all, but I came across something I wasn't aware of : from what I quickly read, it seems that the movie The warrant with Shih Szu and Au Wei is a Shaw Brothers' movie.
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    I've seen this one on lobby cards. I'm under the assumption that most lobby cards use production stills rather than still frames?
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    Oddly enough, the UK VHS I picked up of this film was totally uncut, even though the cover was censored!
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    I definitely prefer the original Fist of Fury. I've only seen Fist of Fury Part 2 once at the New Beverly in Los Angeles. It was a 35mm English-dubbed print. And even though I thought the fights were really good, I didn't care so much for the story or characters. Overall, I felt Fist of Fury Part 2 was nonsensical and underwhelming. Granted, I've only seen it once so it's entirely possible that I'd enjoy it more after seeing it again. As for the original Fist of Fury, I've seen it several times and I always find it exhilarating. I love the fights, the stars, and the story. I feel that the scene of her killing herself at the grave was in there because they couldn't get Nora Miao for the film. That's just my guess since they managed to get some of the original cast to reprise their roles. It might also be in there for some added drama.
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    Former ROH TV Champion Luis "Punishment" Martinez has signed a deal with WWE. He finished his tapings and will be headed to WWE shortly after opting not to renew his contract with ROH The recent incident involving the disappearance of Saudi-born Washington Post journalist Jamal Khashoggi may cause WWE to possibly cancel their upcoming Crown Jewel event in Riyadh. In an official statement, WWE said they are "monitoring the situation". Mike and Maria Kanellis are back on WWE TV, in the form of appearing on Live 205 this week beating Lince Dorado up during his match.
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    Isn't that still from Edge of Fury?
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    GREAT NEWS !! I'll buy the two of them for sure, unless there aren't any English subtitles...
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    As per the HKR thread, the HK release is uncut. Original mono. But the subtitles are SDH subs, and partially dubtitled. Still quite good news.
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    I wondered if it was down to tickets sales?, there's less money in the North East of England, than say South of the border. There's also the current financial climate in the U.K right now. I think he only hit Manchester, on his last U.K tour?. Guess many people might just be struggling to get by at the moment. I did plan to see him in Sheffield, maybe another time. I hoped to ask him if he would appear in the Bolo Yeung documentary, I'm working on. Probably would hae been the only time you could talk to him, without having to go through various people etc.
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    All finished, came out nice! Picture could be better, but nice to have this rare Chen Kuan Tai out there. One Armed Magic Nun is a character in this one, as well as a young one armed Swordwoman character. Not exactly a Shaw Bros production, but a decent little weepy Wu Xia.
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    The Artwork is pretty cool. I'm excited about these two 88 Film releases. Thanks for the update.
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    Chocolate (2008) Directed by: Prachya Pinkaew Fight Choreography: Panna Rittikrai Starring: JeeJa Yanin, Hiroshi Abe, Pongpat Wachirabunjong Synopsis: An autistic girl with powerful martial art skills looks to settle her ailing mother's debts by seeking out the ruthless gangs that owe her family money. Look, watching JeeJa Yanin's character watch a Tony Jaa movie in order to learn how to fight is incredibly validating. Just saying. It was my introduction to her and at this point in time I kinda knew what to expect, and I enjoyed it. Prachya has a really nice way of building up expectation and tension in his movies. I saw the same thing in Ong-Bak where the actual flow of the movie serves it a lot better than just watching each scene individually. By the time JeeJa Yanin starts fighting, we're ready for it. The choreography on display might not be the best out there, but what I really liked about watching it, especially the first time, was the sort of "spirit" behind the fights. They're exciting in a way that few directors know how to do, regardless of how they are actually choreographed. It's as if we get to deserve the fights that the movie is throwing at us, and I like that. The action is filmed in the closest way there is out there to the Hong Kong way, so again that's a win! Anyway so onto JeeJa Yanin -- well obviously she's incredibly talented, and I've always had a soft spot for people whose looks just don't match with their actual capabilities. JeeJa Yanin looks absolutely unassuming and inoffensive, until the kicks come out that is, and it's part of the charm here. She's athletic, and has the physicality needed to perform in action movies. Really excited to see where her career goes now, of course I'm anticipating Triple Threat but the lack of news on it is kinda worrying. Summary _________________________________________ Stunts - 91/100 | By far the movie's strongest point, in the style of Hong Kong movies. Very dedicated team. Narrative - 60/100 | Interesting in its own way, I like that they didn't shy away from making the main character somewhat annoying being that she's autistic and yells all the time. Still, quite contrived for nothing. Fight Choreography - 81/100 | Feels like it's missing the big "ouch" factor from movies like Ong-Bak, but on point regardless. Choreographed by legend Panna Rittikrai (RIP) Enjoyment - 64/100 | A bit of a tricky movie, but I had fun nonetheless! Well worth watching if you enjoy the type of martial arts movies that come out of Thailand. My rating: ★★★½
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    Blade was a rather boring 3rd tier character in the Marvel universe in the 70's and tied predominantly to their Dracula story line. He was revamped (pun!) in the early 90's and translated well to the silver screen. I would contend that Morbius is the true vampire of the Marvel universe with an interesting backstory not steeped in traditional vampire lore. I think Leto would suit the character. Hopefully the film will stick to the origin. I'd love it if they went with the original suit as pictured above, but seeing as the character also go a makeover in the 90's as well with a more Goth look, I believe that would translate better to the big screen. Just as long as they keep the wings/cape. It helps the costume and feel of the character.