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    Couldn't agree more, thanks to both @paimeifist & @Lady Jin Szu-Yi for kicking off the thread just hours into February with a couple of killer reviews! Loved the way you prefaced both of your reviews with the 'Featuring Ex-Shaw Stars' line as well....nice touch, let's maintain it! He certainly did - But as mentioned, 'A Better Tomorrow II' is still up for grabs.
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    I'll pitch in too but wow that's a lot of cheese to keep a forum going, as much as I'd like to keep things ad free I wouldn't care if there was some on the side or in the header, another suggestion from the peanut gallery
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    Gangland Odyssey (1990) Ex Shaws Stars involved: Chan Wai Man (Director, Costar), Sun Chung (Production Designer) Gangland Odyssey is a decent Triad / Yakuza story directed by Chan Wai Man about the war between the two countries' mafias and the family and their close friends caught in the middle. Chan's Brother Pu (a.k.a. Yoshida) plays both sides. After the opening flackback, Chan leaves his character out of play for awhile to let Andy Lau and the remaining cast do their thing. Let’s talk about this flashback sequence for a moment, any ritual and ceremony is interesting to me. Brother Pu and his peers are asked to draw the Death Straw to see which one of them gets to murder their rivals. No surprise, it’s Pu and the subsequent honorifics he does before the altar are neat. The murder spree itself is performed employing a good deal of slow motion and glory shots (perhaps a reflection of Chan’s work with Sun Chung?) The murder of their triad rivals forces Pu to flee to Japan for many years leaving behind family. Meanwhile, Pu inserts himself into Yakuza society without a hitch. Cut to 16 years on, when the Yakuza make moves on Pu’s old triad territory in Hong Kong; while the usual youth versus elder infighting erupts within the triads. Pu and his old retired cop friend will not let the yakuza incursion pass, but they're up against enemies on all sides. Andy Lau has some nice moments here as a young triad in Pu's old crew and Lau's love affair with Pu's daughter Cindy almost makes the drama work. When the much needed action erupts, it is more kinetic, fierce and over the top. Gangland Odyssey doesn’t linger on culture of the triads and the yakuza too much beyond the opening scene and how both gangs fight. Chan Wai Man directs the drama and action well enough, but you’re left wanting action rather than drama. That’s unfortunate given Chan's work with Sun Chung. Sun handled drama easily and almost always made the action a compelling part of his characters' existence. (Incidentally, SC’s production design choices are good here, especially in the final fight.) There are two excellent fights from action director Danny Chow Yun-Gin between Chan and his enemies / former cohorts, (including a silly one in a hotel room.) The final fight is the way to handle Yakuza disagreements, with katanas.There’s an unnecessary scene of pit bulls fighting for sport which puts a bit of a damper on things, I'd rather watch Chan Wai Man kick, punch and slash the crap out of his foes than see dogs tearing each other apart. On second viewing, this isn’t holding up too well for me. It suffers when CWM isn’t on screen. He gets solid performances from the actors portraying his immediate family and triad / police associates, but the story and pacing don't quite click. If you enjoy HK crime dramas, you may like this. I prefer the acting choices/risks CWM took in late 70s to mid 80s myself.
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    That thought occured to me as well. As long as it isn't pop-ups that jump you whenever you click on something, video ads with loud sound that startles you whenever it plays or a big block hiding parts of what you're trying to read, I'm fine with the idea.
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    That is quite the cost to keep the forum up & running for a year, I know we all really appreciate it. Tosh is right though, while ad free is nice maybe there is a sidebar option (without popups & relating to searched interests) to help minimize expenses. As for me; I'll be donating very soon. While I'd like to wait until I get a job, all my money will be thrown into making my Subie Outback livable & keeping my one eyed Shiba happy, when that time comes. So in the next day or so I'll make sure to drop $15 on this sacred section of the internet. Still haven't had time to watch my assigned film. Between finals, the holidays, car buying, dog adopting, job hunting, helping around the house and of course the all wonderful sleep I haven't really found time to watch letalone review my secret santa film so I'll be unfashionably late to the party & probably post it sometime before summer. Shame I haven't signed in for a while, I didn't even get to discuss the finale of ItB. I'm so stoked for Season 2.
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    This well could be the dumbest thing I've ever done glad my half-ass photoshop skills are amusing someone.
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    Digging through what I've gleaned on the internet, I've found some hilariously cheesy ones, but I like that shot you found (nicking it.)
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    Couldn't find a sunglass pic @teako170 you have one? However...
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    Got a pic of Ti with shades on?(I'll have to check) I'll do the cool smiley, and I'm seeing a Duel of the Iron Fist smiley, chest tat and all
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    I should do a series of Ti Lung smileys lol, ah so many projects so little time.
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    Frames dropped, but I'll drink to it any way!
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    Story of the Gun (1992) Featuring ex-Shaw stars: Gordon Liu, Tin Cheng, and Lo Lieh http://hkmdb.com/db/movies/view.mhtml?id=9422&complete_credits=1&display_set=eng The film opens with a robbery at a jewelry store that doesn't seem to connect to the plot at all. It is a pretty average shooting scene. We then are introduced to Gordon Liu (who is a cop in HK) and his family. There is some weird joke about his kid lying on his genitals when they take a bath together, and we learn that his wife has passed. Gordon Liu is sent to the mainland to investigate some curious shipments between China and HK. We then meet our villains, Oshima Yukari is a police chiefs daughter but is in league with the criminals and seems to have a one way relationship with the crime boss(Lee Man-Tai). The bosses right hand man (Mark Cheng) seems to have a fling with Yukari, and they are attempting to somehow overtake one of the bosses shipments and run away together.. Yeah, clearly if they can get away with such a thing our crime boss is pretty incompetent. Anyway while we learn about our little crime family, the film shows Gordon Liu building a romance with a woman in China, and sadly that's probably the more interesting part of the story. The two plots feel very disconnected from one another and don't connect til late in the movie, and it feels pretty cheap. As you can see, the plot is honestly pretty bad, but the abandoned subplots keep it interesting through one viewing. Oshima Yukari's character starts off with some mystery, and it seems as if maybe she has been abducted, or is working under cover. Sadly, any mystery surrounding that is quickly killed and we learn that she is having an affair with Mark Cheng, in a much less interesting plot(imo). Gordon Liu sports an absolutely ridiculous perm wig (I think!), and is pretty charming in his interactions with his girlfriend and son, making those parts somewhat interesting. The plot mainly focuses on Oshima Yukari and Mark Cheng, and they're both scumbags and arguably worse than their boss they're trying to screw over, making it hard to care about their story. When the two plots finally converge, some admittedly generic and expected things happen to give the story a sense of urgency, and we get a lot more action. The acting is honestly pretty bad, and the Shaw actors are the best in that department, which is bad because only one of them has any substantial amount of screen time. The action in the film is honestly pretty good and plenty entertaining. With that said, it isn't necessarily anything we haven't seen before either. I believe this is the first I have seen of Yukari Oshima and I have to say I was very impressed. She is a very good screen fighter and an amazing kicker. She has a nice chick fight with Gordons cop partner in Sophia Crawford. Mark Cheng was solid in the fights as well. Gordon Liu was our only Shaw star to do any fighting, and his fights were very basic but he still showed plenty of energy. The shooting scenes were pretty average, and there was some entertaining foot-chasing mixed into the action on at least two occasions. The action came just frequently enough that the story didn't grate me too much. Onto our Shaw veterans! I already covered about as much as necessary about Gordon Liu. Whether due to bias or any real reason, he was definitely my favorite part of the film. Tin Cheng played an "Uncle" character to the crime family, and was a "wise-advisor" to Yukari and Mark Cheng. Honestly, I felt like Tin Cheng played a similar character to what he did in most Shaw films; A smooth talking guy with plenty of charm, that cant help but annoy the sh** out of me! Lo Lieh is the "big boss" of the mob that Yukari's boss has to answer to. He does a good job at this as is expected, but only gets about 10 minutes of screen time. I have to assume he played a similar role in other films of the time, and would love to see him get more time with this kind of character. Actually, now that I think of it, its similar to his role in Dragons Forever; But it takes him a little longer to get KO'd in this! Lol! Story of the Gun is an average film. The plot is barely interesting watching it initially due to wasted subplots and Gordon Liu's character. Thankfully, the action is frequent and Yukari Oshima is a beast, so over all the film still manages to be plenty entertaining. The cameos from our other Shaw stars are a nice touch, and they do a good job with what they had to work with. It is one of those cases where I can't recommend it because there are too many great movies, but it isn't "bad" at all in my mind. As far as I know this was my intro to Yukari Oshima and I will be looking forward to seeing more.
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    We're lucky that this got made at all. Apparently UNDISPUTED III was bootlegged and torrented so much that it made no money for the filmmakers! If I were a betting man, I'd have said no way a part 4 would ever get made. When I watched the trailer I wasn't thinking "low budget", I was thinking "YES!!!" Can't wait to see it.
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    Martial club was excellent as I did remember from 1st view years ago...hmm I think someone doubled wang lung wei few times in the alley fight?
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    @Lady Jin Szu-Yi & @Morgoth Bauglir Awww you guys just have bad taste! Lol, just kidding. You have both provided me with movie titles I may have never found, myself, that have provided hours of enjoyment. I thank you both (and many more on this great forum)! I think it was an interview with Pops that I watched that made it very clear that real martial arts & movie martial arts were very different. I have always had a hard time watching martial competitions & that is what he was getting at. It might be effective, but boring for the viewer, so ya gotta spice it up. I doubt I would know a REAL martial artist actor from a big quack, as long as it holds my attention, I like it When Peter Chan Lung starts his "auctioneer babble" it just makes me roll, every time. Hasn't gotten old, yet, maybe after another 100 viewings, lol. Gimme a Marx Brother's or 3 Stooges Marathon & I am in heaven. I think Buster Keaton & the Keystone Cops are my all time favorites, I LOVE slapstick! Some of that Yuen stuff I have watches is a bit TOO far out for me, though.
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    Something else they never get credit for Doomsdaypinic's page of Clan Feuds gifs and their Kung Fu Instructor batch and Pursuit of Vengeance (who knew footsie was big back then too?)
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    Liked this one a lot. The first half is somewhat slow but the second half makes up for it. Not QT's best, but a good film. I liked it better than Django Unchained.
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    Looks ok, hope the fights gave some decent exchanges and not just fancy tricking! Ninja 2 was awesome so will keep my fingers crossed
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    Darn straight! Current celestial trailer On a Shaws, but not Beardy related film: I need to take a peek at Five Shaolin Masters again. I thought this was decent, but it hasn't grabbed me yet, probably because I prefer the characters as they are in Shaolin Temple.
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    Our very own, Jamal Projects did this one awhile back. Contact him if you want a copy
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    It propably contributes to this topic nothing extraordinary but just when browsing through dvd collection I noticed(bit surprisingly) I have adness box "shogun collection" and shoguns ninja only I have ever seen before.I was damn shopping addict few years ago still over 400 shaws spaghettis and hollywoods waiting premiere(japanese selection+eurohorror&italocrime is tiny and so is modern hk I actually have no idea what is going on todays hk cinema) All are in japanese with english subtitles I will take a break from shaws and it`s chibatime!