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For those unaware, the launch of 36STYLES.COM is coming next week! This means we will be moving the forum to its new home. The new link to the forum will be https://www.36styles.com/kungfufandom ... bookmark it now!

The site as a whole, including the forum, will be down on Monday, March 2. To minimize the forum downtime, I plan on bringing the forum back online, even before implementing the new features, as setting these up will probably take some time. I will send out an email to all registered members once the forum is back up. 

Some exciting times are ahead for KUNG FU FANDOM!


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    Sorry Hei: I just gave you an even better reputation. But keep flipping that desk with the monkey kung fu... I like posts that make me laugh, offer some great info / reviews or make me think. Folks are wonderful here. Numbers mean nothing to me (well, not until I start practicing Taoist magic anyway.) and right on with the positivity vibes...
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    Miss Piggy's fight style might be Japanese but those shoes are totally Peking Opera.
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    A little longer than a meme but funny as hell....you may have kung fu but at the end of the day don't mess with a black woman!!
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    I wanted to start a new topic on events that took place or was rumored to have happened in Martial Arts cinema during the past and present.Bear in mind that what is mentioned can be found on the internet from interviews or from actual books/magazines,If one is willing to do the research.If I have the source available on hand I will post it.I encourage others to join in even if it's something some of us already know because all that does is give credence to what was mentioned. Let me begin by posting one of my favorite stories that had me laughing out loud because it was definitely true.This particular tale took place during the filming of The movie milestone,Wheels on Meals aka Spartan X (1984) Directed and Choreographed by "The Fatty Dragon" Himself Sammo Hung.It happened during the shooting of what Sammo 'til this day says "it's his best fight he ever filmed" between the daredevil supremo Jacky Chan vs Erstwhile Kickboxing Champ known the world over...Benny "The Jet" Urquidez.(To all you Jet Li fans,Benny had that name years before he stole it!) Anyways,During the shoot Benny roughed Jacky up a little bit(I don't think it was intended)And Jacky felt that it was deliberate and felt like he should save face and challenged Benny to a real match.Benny undaunted merely said:"Sure thing.Better make sure you train first!" Big Brother Sammo was within earshot when this was said and privately took Jacky aside and showed him footage from Benny's heyday when he reigned supreme on the Kickboxing circuit and had a notorious "Open door challenge" to anybody 24/7 After seeing what Benny was capable of,and probably listening to some good advice from Sammo,Jacky went back and rescinded his challenge to Benny.This just goes to show you that as physically talented as Jacky was( and in his prime I might add) He realized his folly and knew that he'd get creamed by someone of Benny's pedigree.Peking Opera training does not qualify as formal combat martial art training and neither does sport wushu.But they have the excellent foundation to learn it and gives practitioners wicked timing and reflexes as well as weapons proficiency which is why we have some of the onscreen legends that we do today. Jacky or Jet Li fans might argue.."But they would've given him a good fight though"..In response Let me quote Bruce Lee from Enter the Dragon:"Don't waste yourself "?
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    Funny article, sadly I don't think we have seen the end of the badly photo shopped Asian film DVD covers. I picked up a copy of Master With Cracked Fingers that had a picture from Wheel On Meals on the cover. That has to be one of the worst purchases I made in my early days of collecting.
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    I recently put together this article, I think partly to appease my anger towards the horrendous DVD covers HK movies are often given, and partly just because it would be cool to collect these atrocities all in the one place. So for those of you who ever thought 'New Fist of Fury' was an Asian sequel to Rambo, or perhaps thought 'PTU' was a followup to 'Hard Boiled', I hope you get a kick out of it. Feel free to weigh in with your own choices, and check it out at the link below - http://www.cityonfire.com/top-10-worst-hong-kong-movie-dvd-covers/
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    Just wanted to say REAL MEN wear pink!!!!!
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    I made this one ages back, and use it often when chatting with friends on Facebook.
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    Thanks for the explanations, Abbot.
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    I was offered $100 once for a DVD I owned but anything over $15 is too much for me. It's just a movie.
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    I hope this crashes and burns like the Charlie's Angels TV series.
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    Ok thanks for clarifying that, I will not then act up and have to be the table flipping monkey (yet!!) And thanks for not choosing the dislike button. Have you posted your old saying about forgiving offense or I forget what it said. I liked that at the beginning of the posts. Now I just need to make sure I don't post crappy stuff!!
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    One Foot Crane (1979) Starring: Lily Li, Sze-Ma Lung, Lo Lieh, Barry Chan, Choi Wang Director: Wu Min-Hsiung (who directed Green Dragon Inn) Action Directors: Ma Cheung and So Kwok-Leung (the latter choreographed The Crane Fighters and Death Duel of the Mantis) Synopsis: During the Ming Dynasty, four bandits storm the manor of Fong Ting-Wei and slaughter his entire Family. Only Fong's baby son is spared. But unbeknownst to the killers, the youngest daughter Lin-I, was hiding during the massacre. Wandering alone in the woods, Lin-I is found by a kind kung fu máster, who teaches her the crane style. About ten years later, Lin-I (now played by Lily Li) is now a wandering swordswoman known as "One Foot Crane" who goes around protecting the oppressed while looking for her family's killers. Finding out that the four bandits are still wanted by authorities, she officially takes on the job to bring them in. She is helped from afar by police captain Chow Lung-Han (Sze-Ma Lung) and eventually by her brother (Barry Chan), who was adopted by one of the bandits. Comments: Much like diretor Wu Min-Hsiung's Green Dragon Inn, this film is an agreeable kung fu actioner with a healthy dose of solid, if not quite memorable action. Powerful female characters mark both films, although this time our heroine is played by Lily Lee instead of Polly Shang Kuan Ling Feng. Like the best Chinese movies, nobody is safe when it comes to "who may or may not get killed", which keeps us on our feet throughout the movie's running time. The movie falters a little when Lin-I is gravely injured, since it takes her a while before we see her in action again (something similar happened in Broken Oath), but overall it was a satisfying film. Animal Styles: The Crane Style - Lily Li - There are two major Crane systems out there, being the Tibetan White Crane System and the Fujian White Crane System. From what I've seen and read, they can be distinguished by their movements, as the latter has shorter, more closed attacks, with the arms never venturing too far from the torso. The former has wider, more sweeping strikes. From the looks of Lily Li's moves, she's using the Tibetan White Crane style, which would make sense, since the Fujian White Crane wasn't founded until the Qing Dynasty. The main problem here is that Lily Li doesn't look particularly powerful performing the crane attacks and her legwork is especially weak (compare with her great skirt kicks in The Young Master). Moreover, about 50% of her fight time revolves around swordplay, which is also a disappointment. For women performing the crane, you're better off with The Crane Fighters; for great Lily Li fighting, I suggest you check out Daggers 8. Praying Mantis - Barry Chan - Chan fares a lot better, as his mantis attacks are not only faster and more powerful, but Chan himself seems a lot more prepared for more complex choreography routines--you'll notice that Lily Li's fights are a bit more simplistic. He throws a few powerful kicks as well. Barry Chan also showed up as a mantis fighter in Mantis Combat, where he squared off with Chen Sing. Eagle Claw - Sze-Ma Lung - Sze played the villain "Shaking Eagle" in 18 Fatal Strikes and I'm guessing it was a specialty of his. The Eagle Claw style -- Ying Jao Pai -- is a Northern style with brutal ripping attacks, kicks, and acrobatics. The three-fingered eagle style we often see in films is a Southern variation. What Sze-Ma Lung performs here is...well...I'm not really sure. It certainly doesn't look like any Eagle I've ever seen. His claw is five-fingered, so it might be the Northern style, but he doesn't do much tearing and ripping, or kicking for that matter. But like Barry Chan, Sze-Ma Lung is more powerful and convincing than Lily Li was in the film. My criticisms aside, I'm sure most old school fans will find something to enjoy in this movie.
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    I appreciate Lo Meng has moved into a more comedic direction (he always would overmug in the Venoms films which was part of his wonderful charm) - but that music does kind make you think WTH? Speaking of Lo (and this one is for Hei, a bit of (wee) Yee too): Some Magic Blade fighting: Shaolin Martial Arts (love Leung Kar Yan in this...) and more Leung Kar Yan from Marco Polo Blood Brothers fights (Ti, David and Chen Kuan Tai) All Men are Brothers (I am still trying to get through this and the Water Margin) King of the Golden Sword (Kwan Do wielding Lu Feng) against Kuo Chui and Chiang Sheng: Thousand Hands vs. Toad Argh, Weinsteins it's Crippled Avengers...
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    That would be awesome. I came across this accidentaly a few days ago - Election 3, but I visited hkmdb only a couple of times and I don't know how trusworthy are they.
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    Glad Kung Fu Fandom is back! Name: The Flying Panda Location: U.S. Occupation: Artist, cartoonist, graphic design Martial Arts Style: To have no Style First KF Film: Fist of Fury Martial Arts Collection: 1,000 DVDs Favorite Kung Fu Comic: Blood and Steel Favorite Martial Arts Films: 36 Chambers of Shaolin, Fist of Fury, Way of The Dragon, Ip Man, Shaolin vs. Lama and 8 Diagram Pole Fighter Sources: YesAisa, DeepDiscountDVD, Buyoyo.com, Amazon.com, ebay, and most of the rest closed down. Watching since five years old.
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    I read it back when you shared it on Facebook, very interesting interview, and the backstory to this movie is comical at times. No surprise I guess, haha. Thanks Al. I need to see this film.
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    Hello, I discovered this forum thanks to cityonfire and after browsing through a few threads I decided to register. I must confess that I know completely nothing about classical kung-fu films, but I've been watching asian cinema since 2009. But most stuff a I saw is mainly contemporary, so I have a huge film gaps. My eyes are fixed on Korean, Japanese and HK/Chinese cinema. And I know that this is pretty short, but that would be all for now...
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    Hello everybody, That's good to be back and many thanks to all of you who helped to bring back the forum.
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    The release This is a Hollywood DVD release, available on its own or in packs with other Godfrey Ho Ninja cut-and-splice films. The release I have is a 2-sided DVD with this on one side and Ninja Dragon on the other: The movie This IFD cut-and-splice directed by Godfrey Ho (and produced by Joseph Lai and his wife Betty Chan) opens with the Gwailo part as we see Master Gordon (played by the usual Richard Harrison, though he has no moustache nor camo suit here) in a purple and silver outfit train a little kid called Billy and tell him about the story of the Ninjas. We then cut to the Filippino movie the Ninja scenes are spliced in, huh I mean, a few years later as Billy returns home to his family and to his girlfriend, only to find his town/city has been taken over by gangsters and the police is of course unable to deal with them - which leads to Billy taking matters into his own hands. His Ninja background doesn't please his girlfriend's dad (who is the chief of police BTW) and when the other half of the movie sees a crazy guy called Ivan the Red (played by Dave Wheeler) kill a bunch of Ninjas (and collect their colorful headbands for some reason) to prove he's the best Ninja, Billy finds himself in trouble with the law since the police blames him for all these "Ninja killings" happening. This movie isn't too bad. The Ninja scenes are fun, especially with Dave Wheeler's acting and the weird costumes the Ninjas wear (purple and silver for Gordon, yellow and red for Ivan, we see a guy in white, another one wearing the camo suit and one even wears yellow and all wear headbands with Ninja written on them and these headbands are blue, yellow or white - there must have been a very low budget for these costumes cause they look like bad Halloween costumes). There's also a certain variety of weapons used (swords, three-section staff, sai), but these scenes are few and far between and they feel way too short. The Filippino film is rather boring, this story has been done to death. But there are some funny parts like the way the references to the Ninjas are inserted in the dialogue (Billy is worried about the job opportunities his Ninja training could give him, the gf's dad gets mad at his daughter for dating a Ninja because they are dangerous...). It also has a very grim and down-beat ending, but seeing Wheeler and Harrison fight afterwards kinda kills it. The soundtrack is really cool, with a couple of Clan Of Xymox tunes used and some nice music you may have heard in other movies like this. The bonus features 4 trailers (The Ninja Squad, Ninja Terminator, Golden Ninja Warrior and Ninja Dragon). Little and not rare at all, but still nice.
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    Today, we're in for another Ninja flick directed by Godfrey Ho and produced by IFD... The release: US DVD, part of Venom Mob Films' "Ultimate Ninja Collection". (Note the completely unrelated artwork showcasing a character from Ninja Kids AKA Ninja Death AKA Venom Of The Ninja) The movie: After the Black Ninjas (led by Stuart Smith) murder the leader of the Red Ninja clan and steal one of their relics (the Black Ninja Warrior), the new leader of the Red Ninjas (Bruce Baron) must recover it and avenge his clan - using the power of the Golden Ninja Warrior. Meanwhile, a Thai movie involving a village ruled by some evil guy, a buff bald stranger who seems to have motives to show up in this lost village (he is funny at points and he is a pretty good fighter) and brothers and sisters (one of them played by Sorapong Chatree) separated after the murder of their parents, which allowed the bad guys to take over. This isn't one of Godfrey Ho's finest. Some effort is put into linking the stories (seems like the Black Ninjas have links with the bad guys that rule the village, but not much is said), but it remains pretty weak. The Ninja scenes must take up 10 or so minutes, with the opening scene, a bunch of scenes showing Bruce Baron fighting Black Ninjas sent to kill him and the final duel between Bruce and Stuart. That said, Stuart Smith has some good bits essentially thanks to his overacting (like the infamous "the GOLDEN Ninja WARRIOR ?!" line), but Bruce Baron is really bland and not very fun to watch. The Thai film however seems to have been spliced in in a relative order, with the narrative flowing well and the story making sense. There's a relatively happy ending with the good guys winning, the bad guys are defeated and we find out who that buff bald guy is and why he was so eager to fight the bad guys. However, the action is fairly tamed - the fights are good (and numerous), but there's no batshit violence. I initially thought it was some Filippino or Indonesian flick (like the one used in Challenge The Ninja - which I previously review right here), but spotting Thai actor (I'd say "star", seeing in how many of those movies he appears) Sorapong Chatree in there made it clear this was a Thai movie. The copy: Full screen, only English dub. Bonus features: None.
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    don't know if you saw this I posted about this on this forum a while ago because I was looking for the tv series its called mantis kid staring godon liu and lo meng heres the only clip I can find about it ENJOY