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    Blu-rays and DVDs ordered (and mostly received) in the past month - I always wanted to have the four movie versions of The Thief of Baghdad. The silent movie (1924) and the Sabu version (1940) were easy to find. The other two proved more elusive until now. The Thief of Baghdad TV movie (1978) with Roddy McDowell and Kabir Bedi - The Thief of Baghdad (1961) with Steve Reeves is only available in Italian, Il Ladro De Bagdad, but I've sat through so many foreign films (mostly Japanese and a few Chinese), what's one more - The Four Feathers (1939) - the best version Alita: Battle Angel combo-pack (2019) - I've been a fan of Alita ever since Viz Media published Gunnm more than two decades ago, and the movie was up to expectations - KISS Meets The Phantom of The Park - because I remember how much fun it was watching this on TV in 1978. Will it hold up? - Okko's Inn (2018), because it was the anime feature shown at the 2019 Sacramento Japanese Film Festival. This was a bit more juvenile than I was expecting - Destiny: The Tale of Kamakura (2017) - the opening feature at the 2019 film festival. Plays on my Blu-ray player - yes. English subs working - yes. My Wife is a Female Ninja Japanese TV series Seasons 1 and 2 (2013 - 2014) - The Fate of Lee Khan from Film Movement Classics Furie from Well Go USA The Legend of Muay Thai: Nine Satra (Thai animated feature, 2018), this DVD was released in Taiwan Keep Calm and Be a Superstar (2018) - because this was highly recommended in this forum -
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    Spent all day Friday watching American martial arts movies with my 91-year old grandmother and she said afterwards...I want to see more like this! No Retreat, No Surrender II (1987) Mission of Justice (1993) Martial Law 2: Undercover (1991) Showdown (1993)
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    Not intending to launch a pro/ con religion discussion. In my book this kind of iconoclasm is nothing but barbarism, or rude politics. Dang shame to destroy their own culture and artwork. Guan Yin is considered the goddess of Mercy, so please have mercy with these thickheads, Lady. I wonder if they will do the same to the many Guan Yu statues, Guan Yu unlike lots of deities is basically a historical figure who became a deity in all four main Chinese religions.
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    A nightmare to find but finally, the Code Red Cut-Throats nine Blu. Quite possibly on my top ten of the best westerns of all times.
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    You should be called " The Man who always conveys GREAT NEWS to the forum " !!!
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    I want to do another restoration project like I did on Hitman in the Hand of Buddha. I need a new movie to do. I'm stuck between trying to recreate Lee Tso Nam's official print of Edge of Fury with Bruce Li, or Lau Kar-wing's He Has Nothing But Kung Fu with Gordon Liu and Wong Yue. Both are amazing movies which have been lacking in a decent release, and considering that you can now get a HD print of He Has Nothing from Chinese VOD, I figured that I would be up to the job of reconstructing the Cantonese print and writing accurate new English subtitles from the Hardsubs (because I can't understand a word of Cantonese, only Mandarin). Give me a recommendation, and I'll let you come up with something. Just please oh please, don't ask me to reconstruct a movie that doesn't exist anymore such as The Big Boss II or anything which doesn't have a cinemascope edition. LOL
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    From - https://bitterwinter.org/worlds-largest-cliff-carved-guanyin-statue-demolished-video/ "The common people worship and praise Buddha, but they don't praise the Communist Party. How can the Communist Party be happy about that?" said a local villager. "As you don't believe in the Communist Party, the Communist Party will tear down your Buddha statue." Recall the destruction of the giant Buddha statues in Bamiyan by the Taliban in March 2001. "They were destroyed by the Taliban. But now the giant Buddha statues of Bamiyan have returned with 3-D light projection... Now, 3-D light projects on the empty cliff where the statues once stood. The device that controls the illumination was a gift from a Chinese couple to the Afghan people." From https://www.pri.org/stories/2015-06-11/they-were-destroyed-taliban-now-giant-buddha-statues-bamiyan-have-returned-3-d and https://www.khaama.com/return-of-bamyan-buddhas-with-help-of-3d-image-display-9468
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    After reading the article posted by @thekfc, it seems it was just a legend perpetuated by media. You'd think they realized that they were sabotaging the economic stability of tourist areas by destroying the main attractions though. The same thing happened in Laos and Mongolia under communism though. Buddhism seems to be losing another land. It once flourished in India and then the Mughals wiped it out. It only reentered the country when the British captured Ladakh and Sikkim. It is bad that we see such mindless destruction today in the form of this and the Uyghur camps.
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    Here is a good read. https://www.scmp.com/news/china/politics/article/2165088/decline-and-fall-chinese-buddhism-how-modern-politics-and-fast
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    Click bait topic title Most overrated ever? No way... you also have to take when it was made into account. It was so far ahead of other kung fu movies put out at that time it’s not even fair. Same is true about all of Bruce Lee’s films. He was a visionary far ahead of his time.
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    Time to get that Bolo interview in the can @DragonClaws, this is your chance! Then get this thing released already!
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    Shaolin Rescuers by Zhang Che. I read many bad things regarding this movie, like it's a minor Venom movie, standard stuff... Well, I don't care, the point of SB movies is that they always entertain, and this one is no exception. I'm tired of comparing movies like they're boxes of soup, I just enjoyed this movie very much, Philip Kwok and his pals entertains us once again with splendid and joyful action in the charming SB universe and that's what matters to me. My favorite SB movies are certainly those which don't take it too seriously. Great time !
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    Enjoyed Day of the Panther, good old Martial Arts Cheese.
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    The actual cases have pretty great art work. It's just the slipcases that are ugly.
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    I wasn't sure if Golden Mask was coming up but it is now 100% sure… by The Vengeance Pack. They posted 2 images of their work in progress on facebook
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    Though from what I've seen and read Lee was self-assured to the point of being cocky, and spoke about his own skills without false modesty ("If I told you I was good... they would say I'm bragging. But if I say I'm no good... you know I'm lying"- Bruce Lee) I never viewed him as the blowhard in which he is portrayed in the film. Personally, I found the portrayal a bit obnoxious and demeaning to Lee's memory. As I said in my first post, after a few seconds of surprise and some disappointment I shrugged it off as this is a story and that's what the director/writer chose to use this person for and fell right back into the film. But when it was over, my son's friend (25 years old) asked me "Was Bruce Lee really an asshole like that in real life? I always thought he was cool." For me it felt like the same thing that happened after DRAGON: THE BRUCE LEE STORY was released, where I had to properly inform people that took that story as "the truth" because... well, simply because they saw it. I had a guy arguing with me one time that Lee broke his back in a fight. Even when I assured him that was not the case, he said "I saw it in a documentary". I explained where he actually saw that, but he claimed to have "never seen that movie". Sigh. So to answer your question @laagi, lots of fans are bothered by it because it's something that's being absorbed by the general public, especially younger generations, that may be (in fact, will likely be) taken as fact.
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    My recent purchases. Also these two. Double Dip on Avengers: Endgame 4K UHD Best Buy Steelbook & the Target exclusive.
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    Hey guys just want to go on record that I had nothing to do with the artwork!! I'm currently working on getting NEW artwork approved for all four titles. Stay tuned!!
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    What a shame ! And isn't China mainly a Buddhist country or is it just the " legend " we foreigners believe in ? I can't imagine how I would react if my government began to destroy all the churches and all the Crosses and Jesus and Mary's statues !!
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    Oh yes, the film where Bolo is played by Bam-Bam Rubble!
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    It's just balls out exploitation, one of my old favorites from the 90s or so, when I first saw it. The remaster is great. Hopefully you liked the green subs, I think they are an improvement over the yellow subs. Anyway, fun flick, and I am glad you like it!
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