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    Meeting Tsiu Siu Ming , Mung Hoi, Yukio Someno, kicker Jason Ng, Bruce Le, Chiang To, Bruce Fontaine, Kirk Wong, & director Lee Chiu of Two on the Road and Ways of Kung Fu at the Hong Kong Filmart event with Toby Russell, having dinner with Joseph Lai and Joseph Kuo, and meeting Cliff Lok at his kung fu school. Amazing trip.
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    hong kong filmart is an event which happens every year in hk since 1997 i think, where companies & distributors meet every year to do business, and actors appear at the event as well toby russell was there with this IFD stall so i went with him all the cast from ipman was there we even saw louis koo walk past our stall but he had security , but the old school stars who might come just walk about casually. Tsiu siu ming had his own stall there so i just come up to him started talking and took some pictures, bruce le and chiang to where in the coffee shop at the event and we just went up to him and said we were fans chaing to loved it and asked his family and freinds to take pics it was great everyone else we met just happen to go to the stall or just walk past just a case of being lucky, we met cliff lok at his kung fu school and that was great cliff is such a nice man and was telling his about this internal kung fu six direction boxing which is from the military he even did some forms and did some moves on my mate heavy stuff, joseph lai was really cool and we were invited to dinner with him and joseph kuo, also met mike abbott and he told us some great stories about making ifd movies , cant believe i met alll those people from the genre in 1 week
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    I don’t think ADC was ever primarily about downloading new releases as fast as possible, at least it never was for me. It was about maintaining a catalog of films that were long out of print and were never going to be available ever again. All the stores that offered Hong Kong DVDs are long gone, they are never coming back. It was about the obscure films that only saw the light of day once and wouldn’t come back again. And it was amazing for customs and Japanese media that would never get subtitled becoming more available to enthusiasts, whether pinku or tv shows. Looking at it as a place that killed new releases is limiting its importance in other areas that are going to be missed by the majority of its users, at least in my opinion. It’s potentially a huge loss for multiple genres.
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    This was one of the main reasons I remand a longtime member. The access not only for out of print DVD's and TV shows, but modifications and subtitled obscure prints, not to mention interviews and special features long gone from newer prints I own. The community was also a big part of it, knowing what copies were better than others, what errors they contained and so on. I'm a big supporter and purchase countless titles from all over the world. If Eureka, Arrow, Koch Media, Warner Bros, Shout Factory, Sony or any other distributor puts out a worthy print of the film, I'm buying it no matter what. I've purchased every 88 Films martial arts movie even though I had access to ADC. I do believe its a double edge sword and some abuse that type of club, but I'd Like to think there are more of us good than bad.
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    I recently got through interviewing director Jesse V. Johnson to talk about the making of 'Triple Threat', as well as some interesting insights into 'Savage Dog' and the upcoming 'Avengement'. Check it out below - http://cityonfire.com/is-that-a-threat-an-interview-with-jesse-v-johnson-triple-threat/
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    My latest. A great print came out on VOD, so I subbed it from the old Ziieagle. Came out super nice! It looks like a different movie-
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    now announced via Facebook officially by Shamrock Media: Deadly Angels ("first full uncut Version ever") and Martial Arts of Shaolin. both will have English Subs and maybe even the English Dubs! original Text: "Die Macht der Shaolin - Jet Li Todesengel des Kung Fu - Shaw Brothers hier haben wir erstmals weltweit eine Uncut Version!"
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    The Drug Connection aka Sexy Killer (Hong Kong, 1976) fansub 3/5 The Shaw Brothers had the right idea… A heroin pusher injects a desperate female addict so his boss can have his way with her, in a groovy 70’s upstairs nightclub bedroom, above a groovy 70’s nightclub, featuring a groovy 70’s band playing 70’s ‘movie’ rock music. She overdoses afterward and when the cops find her, the older sister holds her and proclaims, “Drugs! Drugs! I hate it so much!” before cutting to one of the coolest 70’s style title credits I can remember. And we are off and running! Heroine Chen Ping’s first assault on the underworld is a success, but then a do-gooder cop who tries to do things by the book slows stuff down. Once out of the way, Chen Ping slowly works her way inside the organization until an amazing final 10 minutes featuring a shotgun massacre that makes it all worth it. We’ve got lesbian sex shows, forced prostitution, revenge, lots of nudity, ultra-violence, outrageous overacting, corrupt cops, catfights, double crosses… To me, this is one of their better exploitation epics.
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    Picked up some DVDs during my trip to the States: Street Fighter Karate Warriors Blood of the Dragon Hero Challenge of the Masters Big Brother Shadow Project Guttemburg The Golden Job Unity of Heroes Master Z
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    I gave this a watch yesterday. I purposely didn't read any reviews and dive straight it and I was in for a treat. All I can say is I was really surprise at the turn of events. Yeah, just pretend that you never saw the trailer. I too would give it a 4/5.
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    These 3 were delivered over the weekend. Aquaman is a double dip for me as I got both the Best Buy & Target exclusive packaging (I pre-ordered both a while back). Best Buy 4K UHD Steelbook Target 4K UHD Digibook & it is Lenticular. If you hold the packaging one way - Black Manta will display and if you tilt the packaging then Aquaman will display.
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    Very cool rdenn. Thanks for sharing your photos and tales. Always nice to see fans gather with the stars.
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    Sister Street Fighter Collection - and I finally bought a Blu-ray player to watch it on Rampant - the South Korean period zombie, walking dead, whatever they are, movie Buffalo Boys - still don't if this is any good, but I'll watch it anyway The Jimmy Wang Yu Collection with The Tattooed Dragon, One-Armed Boxer, Beach of the War Gods, Man Called Tiger I'm looking forward to some of the Asian home entertainment releases over the next three months.
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    just looked the same really he loved the fact he had fans out there, we actually missed a few people at the filmart event, tung wai and chan wai man were there but we did not see them, bruce fontaine got a pic with chan wai man there,
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    How lucky you are !! And how lucky we (or maybe it's just me ?) are to finally see who is behind " rdenn " !! Very nice pictures, thank you very much for sharing. Just a little question : I'm not very familiar with all the stars you show, so, could you name them in your pictures if you have a little while, please ?
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    @rdenn these photos are fantastic! So happy that you got to have such a cool experience. But we want to hear details, stories, etc. What's this all about? How'd it happen? Who said what? Give us the deets please, brother.
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    That's amazing. So many legendary kung fu stars. Sounds like one hell of a trip, mate.
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    Picked up a bunch, last two months, these are but a few. Battle Creek Brawl, Snake & Crane arts of Shaolin, Outland, Horror Express, Four Riders, Death Stalker, Godzilla and Fury of the Shaolin Master
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    Chinese Hercules Chan Wai Man thinks he's killed a man in a fight so runs off, vows to never fight again and finds a job on a small town pier unloading bags of rice. Of course the bosses are pure evil and the syndicate run by regular evil bastard Yeh Fang who show up shortly after who want the pier for their own ends are even worse. Enter Bolo who really is a merciless brute here and things go bad quickly. I like this one though Chan Wai Man takes far too long to to give up on his vow and get scrapping. A couple of familiar faces from WOTD are here,including the evil uncle who's not a half bad fighter. The Rarescope DVD is annoying, choosing to watch the subbed version, on zooming the non-anamorphic image half the subs disappear off screen. So rather than watching it through a square window i watched the english dub option. In the annals of 70's kung fu evil bastards i reckon there was a contest going on between Yeh Fang & Lung Fei to try and outbastard each other.Awesome,the two of them.
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    Great stuff. That must be one of the coolest conventions in the world.
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    I just watched The fake ghost catchers for the first time and I enjoyed it a lot ! Good fights, good comedy and I discovered that Lily Li played in it !! That's just too bad that she didn't have more fight scenes, but it's a very entertaining movie.