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    I recently got three releases from Celestial Pictures. The Blue and the Black (1966, DVD) The Bride Napping (1962, DVD) The Warlord and the Actress (1964, VCD)
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    John Wick, Chapter 3: Parabellum (2019) Starring: Keanu Reeves, Ian McShane, Mark Dacascos, Halle Berry, Angelica Huston, Asia Kate Dillon, Lance Reddick Director: Chad Stahelski Action Director: Jonathan Eusebio When we last saw John Wick, he had been excommunicated from the Continental Hotel for killing a man on its premises, and had a 14-million-dollar bounty placed on his head for killing a member of the High Table. However, Windsor (Ian McShane), for reasons that aren't quite clear, gave John an hour head start instead of killing him back at the hotel, or at the moment of his excommunication (as we saw with the female assassin in the first film). And considering that in this universe, about half of the population of New York City is comprised of assassins, that didn't bode well for John Wick's immediate future. As this film opens, the minutes are quickly ticking down to his official excommunication. He heads to a public library where he picks up a marker, some coin and a crucifix, beating a would-be cheater to death with a book on Russian folklore while he's at it. He heads to Chinatown where an assassin's doctor patches him up, although the man stops halfway through the procedure once the clock strikes six. John is immediately on his own. He's quickly beset by a bunch of Yakuza, including Ron Yuan and Tiger Chen, but kills them in a fight that reminds one of a bullet ballet sequence, but with knives. From this point out, John begins meeting with one old contact after another, collecting on old debts and promises. As he moves from one important entity to the next, more important entity, he finds himself on the road to possible redemption. However, while all that's going on, the High Table sends an Adjudicator (Asia Kate Dillon), a sort of Assassin's lawyer/judge to investigate both why John Wick is not dead and who exactly might have helped him to carry out the hit in the last film. This puts Windsor, the Bowery (Laurence Fishburne) and Belarussian mafia under fire. And to enforce her sentences, the Adjudicator hires the surfaces of Chairman Koga (Mark Dacascos) and his school of highly-trained ninja (including Yayan "Mad Dog" Ruhian) to dish out death to anyone who doesn't stand down. (For the record, Dacascos' character's name isn't Koga, but when we meet him, he's pursuing his day job of working as a Japanese sushi chef, so I had to make the reference). As an action movie, this film just rocks. There several large-scale action sequences, deftly balancing gunplay, vehicle chases, hand-to-hand combat, and melee weapons, too. While the John Woo-inspired gunplay and jiu-jitsu locks and takedowns might get old by the third movie, action director Jonathan Eusebio (The Bourne films; the Conan remake; The Wolverine; The Avengers; Doctor Strange; the Michael Bay Ninja Turtle films; etc.) is quick to give each set piece its own identity. The first fight is a brutal hand-to-hand duel with a tall Eurotrash killer, whom Wick fights off with a thick hardcover book. That may not *sound* exciting, but the execution had my brother-in-law and I laughing with sadistic glee as Wick gives him what for. The next fight involves a bunch of Triads armed with knives, guns and hatchets, and once again is both exciting and darkly funny as each guy gets about six knives in his body before Wick finishes him off. Meanwhile, Dacascos and his men are hacking dozens of people to death with speed and finesse. Halle Berry, who's second billed, is only in the film for the second act. She grudgingly helps Wick despite the fact that the High Table may very well target her later. Her assistance comes with a price, and before long, we have this major gunfight that rivals the finale of Hard Boiled, but with a dash of "Shadow Dancer" for the Sega Genesis thrown in for good measure. It's absolutely insane. Berry trained extensively in martial arts in preparation for her role in this film, and the result paid off. She does leg scissors and flying jiu-jitsu takedowns as good as Ronda Rousey did in The Expendables 3. And then you get some interesting plot twists--which tell us a bit more about the world of assassins--followed by an absolutely insane finale. If anyone ever wondered whether or not Charon was a trained hitman himself, this movie answers that question quite clearly. Remember games like "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time", where some of the common enemies would have tonfa or some blocking mechanism, so hitting them with your regular attack was generally ineffective? The finale is like that, but with guns. It's unbelievable. And that's before we get separate (and long) fights between Keanu Reeves and both Yayan Ruhian and Mark Dacascos. Despite being 55, Dacascos still performs some nifty kicks--most of his fighting is with a sword, though--and most fans will be glad to see him with a roll that's more than an extended cameo in a major Hollywood theatrical release. So, the word "Parabellum" means "Prepare for War," as in "If you want peace, you must prepare for war." Well, the way the film ends, this film truly was the *preparation* for war. if JOHN WICK 4 is made, as is hinted at, then we'll be in for something truly epic.
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    The wife and I saw this last night and we were astounded. The action has a great flow and there's a well thought out escalation to it. Stahelski did his homework and didn't disappoint. There are so many nice little flourishes that build on things we've seen in the previous Wick films. I'd say there's more hand-to-hand stuff in this than the previous Wick films, too. Full of beautifully brutal fight sequences. The end fights (yes, plural!) do not disappoint. Loved the Dacascos character Zero, and Cecep and Yayan's characters are gold. I was keeping an eye out, but never spotted Tiger Chen, and he's not listed in the closing credits as appearing anywhere. Was he there? Great to see Roger Yuan in there, too.
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    I second everyone else’s opinions. This is by far one of the best action films to come out of Hollywood and, for me, it’s film of the year (so far). Not only are the fight scenes amazing, a lot of them are original. The knife fight, the inclusion of dogs, even horses. So much good stuff here. I absolutely loved every second. It also builds the John Wick world beautifully. There’s much bigger scope here and it works. Run out to see this. You won’t be disappointed.
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    This film rocks my face off. The action is excellent and it’s pretty much non-stop. The two hour runtime just flies by. The early fight involving Roger Yuan and Tiger Chen set the bar so high I didn’t know how the movie would sustain it for two hours. But then Halle Berry and her dogs show up in an amazing second act and have another incredible action scene with Reeves. The final act is when Mr. Dacascos and Mad Dog get involved. The Mad dog (plus another dude I can’t recall) fight with Wick isn’t as strong as I’d hoped, but by then I might have been so exhausted myself that I could be misjudging it. I just wanted his fight to have more a different style to it. Dacascos gets in some great moves in his fight with Wick and it was nice to see him in a big movie like this. In short, this film is amazing. Everyone involved should be proud of the amount of work that went into this. Just wow.
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    I used to sleep the next day or when I fell asleep. But like I said it was pretty stupid marathon, because I sometimes didn’t remember some of the movies.
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    I managed to steal a remastered print of Miss Please Be Patient with Kim Tai Jung from a Korean VOD site (BFlix.kr) by taking advantage of a limited free access period for their movies, which usually would be impossible outside of Korea. It's not perfect, as it is only 480p and it is in 4:3 but it's the remastered version which Kim Tai Jung intended to release before sadly passing away. It is properly remastered and appears to be a relatively recent transfer of a 35mm print (which was likely mastered at 4:3 as it is the standard used in Korean cinemas, it wouldn't surprise me if the original ratio version is long lost along with the original negatives). I'm a little burned out from other projects, but if anyone wants to time the subs on the print from the Houndslow Team DVD, we could do a joint custom on it. I know that a lot of people have been dying to see a copy of this rare classic from the late Tower of Death guy.
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    The West Chamber (1965) Directed by Griffin Yueh Feng Starring Ivy Ling Po, Li Ching and Fang Ying
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    Hi everybody: It is a great pleasure for me to be able to present the first images of "BRUCE LEE. THE SILENT FLUTE", my last work. Pending to finish the very last details before printing, the work is practically finished after an exhausting designing process due to the amount of material it contains. Once again I must give heartfelt thanks to all who have already booked their copy blindly, without knowing the subject or having seen the cover. It supposes an enormous happiness the confidence that you have placed in my work and is an extra addition to my enormous desire that you like and feel surprised by the book. I am convinced that it will not disappoint the fans. In recent years I have managed to amass what is possibly the largest existing collection of totally unpublished documents related to the great dream of Bruce Lee: The Silent Flute. Reports, official documents, personal writings, both manuscripts and typed, notes, letters, transcripts of work meetings, contracts... that constitute a true treasure of collecting for any historian, but also lovers of cinema, Jeet Kune Do and the philosophy of Bruce Lee. This was his great dream, which he pursued for years, and the work of documenting all that trip has been huge, but really unique and special. An episode hardly referenced and almost forgotten about the life of Bruce Lee, curiously his greatest personal ambition for years, finally in all of its glorious splendor and amazingly detailed. I can assure that 75% of the information contained in this book sees the light for the first time. And you can enjoy all of this in the original English, also transcribed into English for easier reading and translated into Spanish. Discover Bruce Lee like you have never seen him before. All contrasted, verified and with the rigor and seriousness that the Bruce Lee fans deserve. Full of data, dates, details, information, curiosities... Stories and information that rewrite history. You can see documents that were speculated if they were real or just a rumor, things that we have always heard about, but even their existence was unknown, and a Bruce Lee much more human and real. THE BOOK IS COMPLETELY BILINGUAL: ENGLISH / SPANISH. 570 pages. All orders and information must be made through the email bld1970@yahoo.es and I ask for your patience in getting an answer or if I do not explain myself much in the answers by email, but the volume of work to finalize everything is huge and exhausting and I want to do things very well. The book will be ready this summer, probably June, but I do not want to put extra pressure on myself and that's why I ask for patience to everyone I inform or everyone who has already placed a reservation. The personalized editions are something handmade and take a long time (they depend on the craftsman) and they have to do everything at the same time due to printing issues, so on May 31st I will close the reservation period of personalized copies and it will no longer be ready to order with your name printed. For more information about all this, please write to the email bld1970@yahoo.es Thank you again for your support because as I always say, thanks to you and your support I can keep doing things. If you know of someone who might be interested, please pass along this message or redirect them to the email so they do not miss the opportunity. Best to you Marcos Ocana
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    A Better Tomorrow
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    Watched this again last night...can't get enough of the excellent kicking skills of John Liu and Hwang Jung-Lee. Wang Tao lets some nice kicks in (always love seeing his jumping hook kick) but nice handwork too.
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    A Sword Named Revenge (1981) is one of my favorite non-Shaws Gu Long films. Also Master and the Kid, Bruce Tuan's Seven Promises, Last Hero in China, A Brotherhood of Heroes, Return of the Deadly Blade, Witty Hand, Witty Sword... to name a few.
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    Random Media picked it up and it will be coming to DVD, VOD, and Digital on June 18, 2019.
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    I'm so glad they aren't dilly-dallying about. Just wish Keanu wasn't wasting time on a new Bill & Ted installment. Should've left that where he put it down.
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    Early this morning, my father passed away at home... My father's health has declined considerably over the past 4 years and much of my time has been spent taking care of him and although I've been trying to mentally prepare myself for this inevitable conclusion, it seems you can't really prepare to lose a loved one. He meant everything to me and he was there for me my entire life. I'm trying my best to be strong for my family as they will need me to be but my heart is truly broken. I've mentioned it here a few times but for those who don't know, it is because of my father that I love martial arts movies. He enjoyed them and I enjoyed watching many of them with him for years, from those early days when we rented them on VHS at the video store, watching them on Saturday and Sunday afternoons on TV, to buying DVDs and it was one of the many things that we bonded over. He was a big fan of Bruce Lee, Sonny Chiba, Hwang Jang Lee, and although he wasn't the biggest fan of Shaw Bros stuff, he loved 5 Element Ninjas. Many of my favorite memories are of watching martial arts movies with my father. I'm not a religious man or very spiritual but I welcome all prayers, well wishes, alpha waves, and positive thoughts. The road ahead is going to be a very difficult one and I'm not sure what the future holds but I hope to find and maintain the strength to move on with my life without my father in it, whom I will miss forever...
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    Don`t exactly like price of Mario Bave film, 33€ but those Shaw brs were so cheap so good price for total even as not originally planned to get "kid with golden arm", tokyo shoch dvd is great. And have 2 mediabooks of Chinatown already but had to find 5th movie so I guess one mediabook will go for a friend as trade...
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    Outright incredible movie. I seen a ton of kung fu movies and I don't think I've quite seen something that held up to this.
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    Ordered on Amazon this morning Police Story I and 2 Criterion Collection Blu-ray Valentine: The Dark Avenger DVD Triple Threat DVD Big Brother DVD Red Cliff International Version 1 & 2 Blu-ray Sit and Be Fit Stretch and Strengthen, because I'm turning into my mother
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    From the beginning to end! Can't wait for # 4.
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    Personally, I think they should have wrapped it up with the third film. It would make for the perfect trilogy. But, if they feel like they can outdo part 3, I'm all for a fourth John Wick.
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    Thank you everyone. You have no idea how much I appreciate all the positive wishes, condolences, and your personal stories. I don't have many places on the web that I would call, "home" but this place to me is. For those who don't know I'm a holdover from back in the Kung Fu Cinema days when the late great Linn Hayes was there and before that I was part of the KFSS (Kung Fu Super Stars) Yahoo group. I never really was the most prominent poster but I was always so impressed with the wealth of knowledge and love of martial arts movies possessed by all of the wonderful people whom frequent here and I've learned so much from all of you. I'm trying to take it one day at a time and hopefully with time the pain will lessen and I just wanted to let you all know from the bottom of my heart, that I appreciate everything said here. Again, thank you...
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    Tiger Chen fight scenes were flawless. Some of the best hand to hand combat I've seen in an American action movies. The Raid dudes were okay too, and Mark D 😜
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    Kung Fu Executioner Billy Chong vehicle has Carl Scott and the great Chen Sing in evil bastard mode. Despite that it's one of Chong's lesser efforts ,in fact Scott impresses more here. German DVD is a VHS port cropped to 1:78:1. Not worth the £19.99 i paid.