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    2020. Wow, welcome to the future! A new decade is soon upon us though it seems like yesterday when Brian Clearly initiated the forum way back in September, 2001. In internet years, that's huge. A lot of members have come and gone. A lot of movies watched, purchased, traded, and discussed. Friendships made. Loved ones lost. Graduations. New jobs. New homes. Families started. And despite it all, KFF remains. Its a one constant in an ever changing world. Wishing all a healthy and prosperous New Year. Best, Teako...
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    Hi @ShawAngela, I appreciate your concern. There's a lot going off in my personal life right now, and my 11 year old American Bulldog has got kidney disease. I've also got the Bolo Yeung documentary to think about. I will continue to contribute/waffle on these forums whenever I can.
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    Hey @DragonClaws I'm sorry to hear you are going through a rough patch and about your poor pup's problem. My family and I are sending you warm wishes and positive thoughts. Plus, you know we- your forum brothers and sisters- got you if you need us.
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    Hey guys! I'm currently working on Zu Warriors from the Magic Mountain for Eureka. All is going very well so far and the new scan looks incredible! I was wondering if anyone knows if a classic English dub exists for the HK theatrical cut of the film. I was told that the Tai Seng VHS says it has a English dub... does anyone have any information on that? If anyone can help me please post or PM me. I would really appreciate it. I hope everyone here enjoys the holidays and let me just say we have a ton of cool HK films coming in 2020 from both Eureka & 88 Films to look forward to!!
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    Happy New year 2020 (midnight, here !) to everyone, and all the best to you and your families !
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    Thank you @Asmo, @HyperDrive, @ShawAngela, @danthemandmv, @Chu Liu Hsiang, @KUNG FU BOB, @Rodolphe Dux, @thekfc. I really appreciate the kinds words and support, I was lost for words to see such a response from everyone. It's been going on for some months now, I've just not wanted to bring the subject up on the forums.
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    Best wishes for you, your family, and your dog.
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    I'm sorry to hear that you have hard times at this moment and I wish that everything will get better for you, your family and your dog soon.
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    POTP (Power of the Paw) for your doggie 🐾
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    Really sorry to hear about your American Bulldog having kidney disease, DragonClaws; my family has an Olde English Bulldogge named Rock so I most definitely sympathize. Sending positive vibes for your pup's full recovery.
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    Happy 2020 to all of you, let’s hope for some nice MA movies. Time to dig out the Cagney’s « Roaring twenties » movie, what a beautiful one.
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    Hope your pup will be alright soon, those pets are the best friends you can get. Vets can do miracles nowadays! I wish the Best of luck to both of you!
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    Hope the new year bring you peace, jubilation and success my man Dragon and everybody here in this FORUM!!!!
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    I hope your doggie gets better. They are such beautiful creatures, and like a family member. Sometimes better than family members.
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    Is @DragonClaws alright ? I'm very surprised that he didn't post anything for one whole day and I hope that everything is alright for him...
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    Hard to believe that Blade Runner is now behind us and BTTF part 2 is five years ago. At least Planet of the Apes still has a chance.
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    For sure @Secret Executioner, that movie is a precode oddity. But Cagney Bogart is a fantastic combo, especially when bogey plays a conniving villain But you have a point Sci-fi movies fail at predictions, to say the least, now they’re uchronia. But Mad Max remains very probable !
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    @Rodolphe Dux James Cagney gets top billing over Humphrey Bogart ?! That's something I hadn't expected to see. Yup, we're already entering the third decade of this 21st Century and I feel science-fiction has lied to us... Well, except maybe 1984. The media is clearly overly present with people being watched and brain-washed while those who don't think like they should are deemed enemies and repressed. On this grim note, happy holidays and see ya in 2020.
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    I hope everything goes well for you.
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    A new roaring 20s! Shall we bring back silent film? black and white? perhaps a part 2 to Once Apon A Time in Shang Hai, maybe Ill rewatch that tonight when I get home. Happy new decade! time is flying
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    Happy Holidays to all and happy fourth of july to @OpiumKungFuCracker lol.
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    Wishing a very Merry Christmas to all who celebrate it! Hope all you ladies and gents are having a warm, healthy, laugh-filled holiday! 😀
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    Merry Christmas to those that celebrate it! I hope you have a lovely day.
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    Since this is Christmas, here's a gift for all you girls with guns fans and veterans around here, from NoKUNGFUforYU and myself. Angel 2 and Angel 3 -- in 1080p with English subs! Simple: PM me if you're interested during the holidays and I'll send you both movies. Simple as that! Best English-friendly versions of these movies right now, by a mile. ANGEL 2 (1988) Screens (click to enlarge) Details: 1920x816 HD, 2 audio (Cantonese & Mandarin), hard-coded Simplified Chinese subs & custom English subs above the CHI ones. Custom Subs made and timed by @NoKUNGFUforYU, I added a few missing lines. - ANGEL 3 (1989) Screens (click to enlarge) Details: 1920x816 HD, 2 audio (Cantonese & Mandarin), hard-coded Simplified Chinese subs & custom English subs above the CHI ones. Custom Subs made and timed by me. @DrNgor @DragonClaws @One Armed Boxer ... (can't tag more people for some reason? Not working) Both movies have the option to have the subs be displayed in a black box directly over the hard-coded CHI ones (there's an example above). Disclaimer: it's not perfect, sometimes the CHI subs can be seen. Please don't upload them on torrent trackers, even asian ones. FLKcinema will just steal everything, claim as their own, then resell for like 20£ a copy. Lots of hours of work have been put into this, by both of us, which is also why I'm not sending the movies to new accounts here... taking my precautions. Thank you for your understanding. Happy holidays, and happy movie watching!