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Been a Shaw Brother fan since a kid, and study Kung Fu as well, because many greats like Fu Sheng and Chen Kuan Tai had inspire me and still do! I have plans to build a museum in Tijuana to honor many Hong Kong actors in the near future.We have made and donated many great works of art to the family s of Bruce Lee, Alexander Fu Sheng and Lau Kar Leung.  Our wish is only help keep and preserve the legacy of these great men alive for many generations to come.

We  have made 5 Bronze bust and donating them to the following


Alexander Fu Sheng and Ark Y Wong  to The Martial Art History Museum in L.A 

Bruce Lee and Brandon to the Lee Family and Wing Luke Museum in Seattle WA

Lau Kar Leung to his student Mark Ho in Hong Hong.


We now have the support of all these familys and they  have gave us their  approval to move forward in our goals.

it just my sincere wish to let others know what we are and have done. This May of 1016, I have Chen Kuan Tai coming out to promote our goals. 



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