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Kung Fu Cinema

Kung Fu Cinema
Zhan Gua Ren
Album created by
Zhan Gua Ren
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A selection of classic kung fu movies starring Leung Kar Yan, Dragon Lee, Samo Hung, Yuen Kwai, Hwang Jang Lee,

Tan Tao Liang, and Casanova Wong.

Hand of Death 01.jpg

Hand of Death 02.jpg

Secret Rivals Pt 2 01.jpg

Secret Rivals Pt 2 02.jpg

The Victim 01.jpg

The Victim 02.jpg

Thundering Mantis 01.jpg

Thundering Mantis 02.jpg

Warriors Two 01.jpg

Warriors Two 02.jpg

Dragon Young Master 01.jpg

Dragon Young Master 02.jpg

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