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  2. AlbertV

    Cobra Kai - Sequel Series to original Karate Kid

    OMG! Season 2 is insane! Especially with how it ends...if there is a season 3, I can see something major happening! (Spoiler Alert)
  3. Still might be worth checking out though, look at all the 70's/80's/90's flicks that were aimed at local audiences. Yet gained a big fanbase in the West.
  4. DragonClaws

    Behind the scenes...

    Thanks for answering my question @CT KID.
  5. DragonClaws

    Did Run Run Shaw Discover Bolo Yeung? (The Heroic One's)

    Thank you @thekfc, this information is really apprciated. I guess we will never know or be 100% sure, but it's looking like Run Run Shaw was at least the guy who helped to put him on the Martial Arts movie road.
  6. Here's another brand new ramblethon, for those word hungry Kung Fu Fandom reader's/contributor's who are interested. Click on the link below, for my thoughts on the IFD odditiy Evil Destroyer, thank you. Those expecting a flying monster ape-man, will be gravely disappointed. However, there is however beared guy who plays a fighting Priest.
  7. Evil Destroyer (19??) a.k.a Zodiac Power 2: Evil Destroyer Directed by- Bob Chan(Pseudonym) Fight Choreographer- Ma Chin-Ku Starring- James Lew, Kam Kong, Chim Lung, Ma Chin-Ku, Wang Pao-Yu, Lin Wan-Chang, along with A.P Arnold and some random Gweilo’s. Plot Synopsis (From the Vengeance Video DVD sleeve) - Inside Kung Fu & Black Belt Hall of Fame superstar James Lew. Star's in this ultra-rare hard-hitting Kung Fu flick from Taiwan. After perfecting his Kung Fu techniques with an old Shaolin Monk, Lew leaves the temple in search of arch criminal - Kam Kong(Crane Fighter), who has mastered the Eagles Claw and Iron Armour. To get to him, Lew must first fight his army of Foo Fighter's. Mr Gladstone- This is a land filled with mystery, things you never though possible, things your educated mind would refuse to believe" A random trio of nefarious gweilo's, show up outside a rice field. A lone man works hard in the distance, its filmed in a lightly populated location. Yet you would think Mr Gladstone and his two goons Jonathon and Curtis, had just found the lost city of gold. It really set's the mood and tone perfectly, for this IFD cut/splice spectacular. Ok, so maybe spectacular is bit too of a positive word to describe this mess of a production. Know-one really seems to know when the original Taiwanese movie was made. It's the source of about 80% of the movies footage. There's also no set date for the IFD shot footage, which they later spliced into the picture. Did Joseph Lai and Godfrey Ho picked up an un-completed James Lew movie from the late 70's. While the original footage isn't the greatest, it holds up far better than any of the additional 1980s materiel. "Look at this vast land, just lying there, beautiful land, sereen" It's clear that the team at IFD, had no intentions of making an accurate period Kung Fu film. Just how the Taiwanese movie looked before it was hacked apart, I don’t know. Did it even get any kind of stand-alone release?. Once we get pasted the not so epic and rousing opening bad-guy speech. We cut to opening credits of the older film, with James Lew showing off his ace sword skill's. This might not be the actor/Martial Artist/Stunt-Mans finest hour. Yet his talents still shine through the murky/shoddy production values. Lew is more well known for his American film and T.V work. His HKMDB page, list this has his one and only Asian production. Just how and why did he only make this one Asian movie?. As you may have guessed this production leaves you with more questions than answers. There's also a fistful of foreign actors, who simply cannot be named. I use the term actors very loosely here too. "A missionary who preaches with his fists" Now let's try and take a look at Choreographer Ma Chin-Ku's original work. Which might not be top-notch, but it’s still leagues ahead of the IFD shot fight scenes. Which are pretty low, even by 80's IFD films standards. Lacking a lot of the energy seen in their many ninja exploitation films. Ma gets a supporting role, in the Taiwanese footage too. Appearing in the films brief, but very solid opening throw-down. 100% pure Bruceploitation, this is not, but James Lew does play a character called Dragon. There's no thumb swiping or war cries, but it’s clear the producers were going for the BL look. Lewis gets to show off some good boot-work, as do cast members Kam Kong, Chim Lung and choreographer Ma Chin-Ku. Actor Chim Lung pretty much appears in nearly all the decent fights. The print I caught, was a full screen DVD version. Released in the U.K by Vengeance Video. Being a gluten for bad movie punishment, I had to watch this in full screen too. The print ironically was one of cleanest looking I've seen. For a low budget un-restored release that is. "He even has a renegade gang of Ninja" A good comparison between the quality of the choreography can be seen when you compare the opening fight. To the first bust-up staged by the IFD film crew. Which see's Father Daniel's, go up against two Ninja. I should use the term ninja loosely also. One is wearing a black pillow case, with eye holes cut out. While the second one, is wearing a rubber clown mask. Our random nameless gwailo actor, is not the world’s best screen fighter. Sporting an 80's style George Michael haircut/look, complete with earring. When father Daniel’s slices open the man chest. He then proceeds to ask him if he's alright, with some strange attempt to conform his would be killer. "Lets see how you are doing withyour Iron Vest technique, I'd like to test your resistance on this" You could let this go, being the, kind of cut & splice production it is. Only the film-makers felt that it was such inspiring idea, they later repeat the exact same fight. Complete with re-used footage, and with the exact same pair of Ninja. Wearing the exact same outfits. It's not only some of the fight footage which gets re-used. Some none action footage is looped at times too. One of the movie stronger points, is a series of fights between arch villain Kam Kong and the main hero. There just not long enough to really make an impact. They still feature some solid shapes-based action, of which Ma Chin-Ku directs really well. Ku has the dubious honour, of featuring in one of the best bust-ups. That takes place between his character and the young Dragon, on a grassy hillside. "You got a pretty kick, but it's lacking power" Now the DVD cover states our hero must fight the evil Master Woo's foo fighters. That's not the Dave Grohl rock band of the same name. Nor is it anything to do with UFO's, foo fighter being the term World War 2 pilots used for strange flying objects. Here it’s a series of nameless fighters. The screen hogging Ma Chin-Ku armed with a pair of Nunchaku, with a staff wielding alley are first up. It's an average roadside fight, at a familiar Taiwanese location. Now, for most of the film we are told Chi Lung has learned Iron Vest Kung Fu from Master Woo. Making him impervious to any physical attack. This was forgotten about, when his character gets slashed by a sword. It's clear the new dubbing team didn’t consider this one scene. After a tedious long build-up, the finale is like a static car spinning its wheels. After the first thirty-minutes the novelty and un-intentional comedy start to really wear thin. It's only the original footage that kept me watching. When we switch to the final gweilo fight, things go from bad to even worse. Obvious stunt double work, poorly executed kicks and punches galore. Not to mention some really bad hopping vampire related antics. It's even funnier than an earlier scene, where Mr Gladstone hires the help of a Black Magician. Meaning plenty of smoke(check), use of industrial size fans(check) and large lot of green under-lighting(check), and random mumbling(check). "By killing you Woo,I'll rid the people of their desire for opium" "Holy shit, that guys good at Kung Fu" This film really doesn’t deserve a review this long, but some-how it’s ended up with one. Here's just a few more of the multiple negatives. Kam Kong's character appears to have been dubbed by three different voice actors?. Did they splice in more older movie footage?, or is it just another lazy cheap dub job?. Foreign performers get randomly inserted into older footage, which is about as effect as chocolate knife. It obvious Kam Kong is not working with the three gweilo stooges. There's a comedy duo, that deliver zero laughs. The pair come across like a poor Dean Shek tribute act. The film makes a big deal about the evil foreigner who push opium on the local population. You just never see any of these so called addicts?, the budget simply didnt stretch that far. Mr Gladstone - "This is the land of opportunity, filled with treasures, the smell of money is everywhere, just waiting for us to come and help ourselves" Curtis- And we have arrived at the perfect time, with the recent introduction of opium, these people think they have found nirvana, and that we are the miracle maker's..." The few ladies in the cast, get zero to do. Wang Pao-Yu having the most screen-time, until she becomes a victim of the local pervert patrol. Who cold heartedly say "What a waste of a good piece of meat", after seeing that she has fallen to her tragic death. What a gang of charmers', it’s not hard to see why their still single. Then there's the poorly delivered extended dialogue. That just there to try and cover the big gaps in the story and plot. Worthy of a whole seperate artile in itself. The only foreign actor credited on the HKMDB is A.P George, who appeared in Legacy of Rage and Bloodsport, to name two of the better films on his C.V. There you go, I've sat through this one, so you don't have to. A curiosity peice for Asian action completists. It's a shame that the only foreign movie James Lew made during his youth. Has been given such poor treatment for its Western release. It doesn’t look like diamond in the rough, but I even this train-wreck of a version. Hasn’t put me off wanting to see the movie, in its original Uncut/Widescreen form. If that ever existed?. Lew looked good enough to be a leading man, at least in terms of his screen combat skills. If you didnt get enough quotes in this ramble, here's one last little gem for you. "Bastard fool, your opium kills?" "Well now, have you tried any" "Why don't you go to hell" "No need to get nasty"
  8. Rewatched the three Rush Hour films over 3 days. I enjoyed the first two as much as I always do. The interplay between Chan and Tucker is great, the humour hits just right (well, OK, Tucker could always do with dialling it down quite a lot!). Ken Leung makes a great baddie, more so because he doesn't throw a single punch the entire film (he does briefly swing an axe, which counts I suppose!). I still think it was odd to make The Big Bad English actor Tom Wilkinson. Great actor, no dispute, but no physical threat at all which meant no big end fight, and call me old fashioned but I do love a big end fight! 2 is the better film for me though. The massage parlour fight is one of my favourites, being as it is as close to Jackie's Hong Kong style as we see in the series. Zhang Ziyi makes a very effective baddie and yes Roselyn Sanchez is clearly there as eye candy, but she does at least have enough character that she uses Lee and Carter for her own ends. The finale at the casino is well done too, with the bomb in the mouth being something original I'd not seen before. Then I got to 3. And I remembered why I haven't rewatched it in maybe five years. Because aside from being badly written, there is a really nasty undercurrent to it. Racist jibes from Carter, and sexism that really belongs in the movie bin in the 70s. All the female characters are there purely to be objectified and/or put in peril, the villain is laughable (after spending twenty minutes fighting Jackie and trying to sling him off the Eiffel Tower he sacrifices himself because Plot). The French taxi driver subplot (if it can even be called that) is just silly. If they go ahead and make 4, I hope they return more to the spirit of the first two.
  9. If anyone cares, you can read my views on this one here...
  10. Marcos Ocaña

    "Memories from Dominican Republic" and "Ilimitado"

    It was very interesting, indeed. Bruce was a great star there, but at the same time everyone recalls how humble he was, spending a lot of time with the children in the street and telling them a few words he had learned in Spanish. There's even a very funny annecdote in which he and Rhee started training at the hotel and people called security because due to the loud noise they thought they were destroying the room.
  11. AlbertV

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    Paige has a new tag team she's managing: Asuka and Kairi Sane Becky Lynch will defend both her Raw and SmackDown Women's Titles in two separate matches at Money in the Bank After over 900 days, Jazz has stepped down as NWA's Women's Champion
  12. Music video for the theme song "Bromance" by the cast
  13. A new indie martial arts film, The Way of the Empty Hand, has recently completed production. The film was directed by former star of Operation Repo, Lou Pizarro and features the likes of Robin Shou, Andy Cheng, and Simon Rhee. There are heaps of on-set photos at Juan Guerra's Smugmug page. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt3729548/fullcredits?ref_=tt_cl_sm#cast
  14. fabhui

    Asian DVD Club is no more...

    Not much use to me then. Most other sites I've come across are invite only so I've got no chance of getting on them as they seem tighter than a ducks arse.
  15. Always thought Wang Yu's fight against the karate students in The Man from Hong Kong was pretty good for it's time.
  16. kevenzz

    Asian DVD Club is no more...

    similar site ? not really… in term of 70s kung fu of course. most other asian related site are for the recent stuff such as anime and other crap.
  17. AlbertV

    Cobra Kai - Sequel Series to original Karate Kid

    Episode 6 is a very memorable one (spoiler alert)
  18. CT KID

    Cobra Kai - Sequel Series to original Karate Kid

    Episode 1 was pretty good with a nice little fight between Johnny and Kreese to kick things off. I hope bringing Kreese back into the picture elevates this season to an even higher level.
  19. ShawAngela

    Classic Wuxia Novels

    Exactly the same as me !! I'm a mad reader, I have a lot of books and it sometimes happens that I read two books in a day !!
  20. shoguns ninja. Tale about 2 daggers which have map of gold mine carved into them, and revenge of course. Great movie where hiroyuki sanada has plenty of chances to display his amazing ability and lots of action. Probably best japanese movie I have seen, first time from vhs long time ago. Unfortunately the music is very dire and it plays almost every moment there is any kind of action. Whoever made such decision to have it featured this heavily should be put to walk in hot coals barefooted. And if he is not in this world anymore, burn there!Because of audio would not put this into all time favs list even as flick is superb..
  21. Drunken Monk

    Golden Job

    Sometimes, modern Hong Kong cinema gives me little pangs of excitement. Especially when a film hearkens back to the days of yesteryear and offers good old fashioned action sequences and an all round silly joy. Well Golden Job felt like it was going to be one of those films. And in many ways it is. Unfortunately, its flaws weight it down heavily and it barely keeps its head above water. The plot, much like the painfully plain script, is simple. A band of brotherly ne’er-do-wells plan “one last job.” This job leads to the ULTIMATE BETRAYAL (DUNN, DUNN, DUNNNNNNN!!) as well as car chases, shootouts and a 73 year old Japanese man kicking the shit out of people. Everything from the get go is pretty mediocre. Not awful. Just average. Each plot turn is designed to lead you to the next action set-piece and, in all honesty, it does it pretty well. There’s enough going on to make the film objectively entertaining. It’s the fuck ups that are frustrating. The main one being the film’s ridiculous reliance on CGI. For example, an ENTIRE CAR CHASE is CGI’d. Yes, that’s as bonkers as it sounds. These cars razz around chasing each other and it’s all done in cartoonish computer graphics. Those that can laugh at it are spared the egregiousness. Me? I thought it was shit. It might as well have been Fender Bender 500. Explosions, blood, falling debris are all recreated on screen through CGI. They can’t even blow up a car like they used to. To add fuel to the fire, every action sequence lacks something. They’re beautifully shot and well executed. They just lack...oomph. The car chases feel like my grandma is somehow driving every car. No one goes over 25 mph. So it’s shot with the ballistic camera work of a Fast and Furious film but everyone’s very much adhering to the speed limit. Same with the shootouts. They’re good. Nay, great. But they lack a certain snazziness. They seem somewhat run of the mill. Again, it’s not insultingly bad. Just...blah. When we've seen the likes of John Woo deliver impeccable gun play (and that was in the 90's!), it's hard to really enjoy a film that delivers nothing new in the action department. But then the last twenty minutes all of a sudden kicks into overdrive. It is one long, over-the-top, break-neck action scene reminiscent of Hollywood’s 80′s action cinema. It’s guns a-blazin’, grenades explodin’ and...well...a lot of people dyin’. Honestly? It’s a shitload of fun. Had the whole film had this epic silliness, I feel like this one would have gone down as a classic. It’s that fun. The very end slips in melodrama but since we get such heart pumping action beforehand, it isn’t nearly as offensive as you’d think. But I did mourn a smidgen when the shooting stopped. Also, not a single follicle was out of place in Ekin Cheng’s lustrous locks. Suspension of disbelief, indeed. And that’s that. A not-so-good, not-so-bad action film with a top tier ending. Oh and that Japanese guy I mentioned earlier? Yasuaki Kurata. And yes, he still looks great fighting on camera. His brief scuffle with some nameless henchmen is a highlight. In fact, I wished for more fisticuffs, especially since Chin Ka Lok was behind the action. The man doubled for some of Jackie’s craziest action sequences but can’t put more than one fight scene in his film? He Chin Ka Mocks me. Golden Job won’t blow your socks off but it will entertain. Sufficiently so. It offers thrills and while they might not be as ground breaking as they could be, they’re perfectly fine. Offensively fine? Perhaps. But it’s all worth a watch, if only to get to the excellent finale. Oh and Eric Tsang, for a man deep into his 60′s, looks fantastic. So there’s that. It might not be the piece of gold the title suggests, but it’s definitely deserving of bronze. GRADE: C
  22. I agree, it's often considered as another kung fu comedy but the brilliant script and directing makes it a masterpiece, in my opinion.
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