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  2. Killer Meteor

    What is the most recent Shaw Brother's film you've seen?

    Just re-watched LION VS LION (1981) The first half of this Shaw comedy is pretty excruciating, with endless scenes of comedy relief (relief from what?) and yet another excuse for me to by mystified by the fact that Wang Yu (the comic star, not Jimmy) was a big star at the time, as he's really dreadful. Lo Meng does provide some great kung fu though, and when the plot actually arrives nearly an hour into the picture, things improve. The titular Lion dance occurs part way through the film, and features blatant cheating from our "heroes". The dance itself is very impressive. Later, a great fight between Wang Lung Wei and Chin Yuet Sang proves a highlight and shows what this picture SHOULD have been. The finale is a bizarre mix of half-assed Chang Cheh style heroics and half-assed jiangshi horror, which kinda sums up the film as a whole: half assed. 5/10
  3. There are old theatrical prints for MYSTERY OF CHESS BOXING and SHAOLIN VS LAMA out there (they turn up at events sometimes) which would be top of my list.
  4. BTW, I was only talking about how his kicks looked. According to my old TKD instructor, who was part of the stunts for Yellow Faced Tiger, Don Wong (who was a tournament competitor in the USA for a while himself) had to tell Chuck to watch his power on his roundhouse kicks.
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  6. To answer my own question, the actors is Li Hao.
  7. There's no signs of a net or fishing rod?, did the Big German catch this prize fish with his bare hands?.
  8. Agreed, and Chuck Norris was one of the guy who helped get him a break in film. He has a minor role in The Octagon movie. I love his short rage ecomnic kicks. That said, they are not as visually impressive to watch. Like you said, they are not as theatrical or flowery as the film work other famous kicker Hwang ang Lee , Bobby Kim or Casanova Wong. Norris had spent far too many year's, practicing real life kicking techniques to change?. True, and Norris didnt mind being filmed in a less than flattering way. When he got a lesson in Gracie style Jiu-Jitsu. That show's, he's not got massive ego when it comes to his screen image. It would have been cool to sat Norton and Norrs make a film together, where they have equal screen time. During the early 80's, when Norris could still kick on screen.
  9. NoKUNGFUforYU

    IceMan Cometh 1989 HD Custom

    Hmmm, maybe.
  10. Richard Norton is an awesome screen fighter, one of the tops of his era. The only saving grace to the Octagon, as far as I am concerned. Chuck could do old school point fighting, but he was way too tight to do the kicks that are required to be in an above average martial arts movie, nor did Chuck have weapon's skills. Norton did. He also switched over to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu late in his career, and that seems to mean that he is focused on being effective, not tied to his old karate style.
  11. I hope the elusive Big Boss Part 2 sees the light of day in this collection-...
  12. I've been waiting to here someone feedback on this one, since posting the trailer a few months back. Looks like another one on the to buy list, along with about a thousand other titles.
  13. She was all over the Hollywood media at one point, around the time of the first the new Transformers movies.
  14. UFC certianly borrowed a lot from Martial Arts cinema, The Octagon?, also a Chuck Norris movie with an Octagon shaped dojo. The use of a cage round the edge of the mat, which had been seen in many MA movies. The early event's riffed on movies such as Bloodsport and ETD, where men with various fighting styles clashed. Before it was streamlined into a sleek lean mean money making machine. What do you think of RIchard Norton @NoKUNGFUforYU?
  15. looks like it can still be had for around £22 on Ebay, a bit much for a film i didn't mind but didn't love.If i see it below £15 i will reconsider
  16. Silver and Gold Dragon

    Behind the scenes...

    I knew I'd seen this image somewhere else, I spotted it in an Eastern Heroes magazine from 1996. Shaolin Chastity Kung Fu: Various other behind the scene pictures of Robert Tai from the same page:
  17. It had the English dub, yes. Don't know if it's still avaliable.
  18. I think they do not do shipping outside scandinavia. But if you still lack this title by black friday can help you out. I order stuff from them sure and it will likely be 25-50% cheaper then from rrp price which is not bad.
  19. Gameofgianpa

    Game Of Death in stop motion trailer

    Hi new trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0ELnUgUXL0&feature=youtu.be thanks for watching
  20. is it still available & english friendly?
  21. There was a German DVD of Shaolin Mystagogue. It was a cut 2.35:1 print with inserts from another source which was about 2.00:1.
  22. Descendants Of Wing Chun Despite featuring some genre stalwarts including Norman Chu ,Melvin Wong & Hark-On-Fung this is a fairly run of the mill flick which doesn't feature much,if any wing chun at all. On the plus side the Vengeance Video release is one of their better efforts ,widescreen and fairly clear print. Shaolin Mystagogue Another film with a cast of regulars, Carter Wong,Hsu Feng, Chang Yi,Lung Fei & briefly Phillip Ko. Standard Ching vs Ming story with shaolin temple hijinks thrown in for good measure. Not bad but with the cast involved it should have been better. VV DVD is ok, not full wide but better than P&S.
  23. Secret Rivals 1 and 2 already have great dvds by Soulblade featuring 35mm print. I agree about the others I checked eBay for some kung fu on 35mm and they cost like $500-$1000 per film…. and that's not counting the scanning price and restoration price... I would like to do some myself but it's too expensive for one person.
  24. This title was already released on dvd a couple of years ago in germany.. under the title of Die tödliche Rache. The print was just the Eastern Heroes dvd cropped and re-encoded widescreen. Hopefully this new dvd is a new 2:35.1 widescreen print… otherwise it's pointless. The whole film is on YouTube also:
  25. Great to hear that Asia Line continues releasing. Usually the German titles are embarassingly stupid!
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