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  2. sifu iron perm

    Jackie Chan: 88 Films Blu-Ray Releases

    dragon's forever is now pushed back to january 2020!
  3. Black Panther 3.5/6 Chen Sing plays an ex con whos framed and wants revenge against the boss , played by Kurata......I guess Sing did something to piss off the boss prior to the opening scene but the movie never explains what
  4. Drunken Monk

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    The Mutilator - A horrendous 80’s slasher that’s more like Tommy Wiseau’s The Room than Friday the 13th. The film earns points by showcasing some very gory kill scenes (a hook ends up in a vagina at one point) but, for the most part, it’s a lame duck. Watch to laugh at rather than actually enjoy.
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  6. HyperDrive

    Pro Wrestling Thread 2019

    NJPW is on the offensive. The promotion announced the creation of NJPW of America, a subsidiary. They will double the number of events across five tours. https://www.njpw1972.com/631 Does this mean more US titles? US only wrestlers? The end of the partnership with ROH? We will see.
  7. I remember getting this one on DVD a decade ago and it was gross with those slasher scenes and that raunchy "toe" sex scene. Definitely fits the bill when you're in the mood for trashy exploitive entertainment though I found it offputting too.😎
  8. Anybody seen Fright Night? This was on the other night and it was a damn good horror comedy about a teenager that has a vampire move in next door, check it out if you get the chance. I wish they would show the Jeff Goldblum version of The Fly between now and Halloween on cable, used to love that gross out movie and haven't seen it in a long time!
  9. This one was so bad it was awful lol! The guy's screen fighting that played "Needles of Death" sucked so bad that he should have never been allowed in another kungfu movie. After l watched it I was so disgusted that I threw the DVD-r copy from a trade right in the trash can. 😪
  10. panku

    Fu Sheng Book NOW ON SALE!

    Thanks for the heads up and the link. Great podcast. Also to anyone interested in Fu Sheng, or thinking about getting the book, I would recommend it! It's a great addition to your martial arts library. Going to be re-reading it over the Thanksgiving holiday this year. Thanks Teako.
  11. Amityville II: The Possession (USA, 1982)
  12. Secret Executioner

    It's October baby....Horror flick time!

    Amityville II: The Possession (USA, 1982) A family moves in in a beautiful house in Amityville. Things go awry quickly after their arrival and the discovery of a mysterious hidden chamber in the basement as bizarre events start occuring and the family members to act strangely, resulting in constant arguments. The oldest of the children soon becomes oddly reclused and gets possessed by a mysterious entity. I mentionned the Amityville movies in my Poltergeist review, and that's the entry we got the same year - a movie whose title implies sequel but that is really a prequel as the family is supposed to be the people who lived in the house before the people from the first movie. The film is overall slow, but I'd say it gets better in its last third or so when the demon possessing the son is more explored and there are attempts from the priest at exorcising. Before that, the film deals mainly with the family, and it's not too interesting - the father (played by Burt Young, known notably for playing Paulie in the Rocky movies) is a very harsh and hot-headed idiot, the youngest kids are brats... You understand immediately there'll be fallout and arguments. The mother and the older daughter are okay, though the latter (Diane Franklin who played Princess Elizabeth in Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure) gets in a rather strange subplot. The oldest of the children (Jack Magner) is the central character, yet it seems we barely know him. He has conflicts with his jackass father, listens to music on his walkman (through which some evil voices talk to him, a pretty enjoyable addition IMO) and the possession scenes have him deformed when in devil mode with a lot of well crafted practical effects. His hands and head have the most notable deformations, with his head getting completely altered and layers of heads falling apart to reveal a new one in a pretty cool scene towards the end as the priest is trying to exorcise him. Other horrific imagery include the bizarre hidden chamber that's full of some mud and flies, some gore (blood appearing or on corpses) that's decent and a scene with a room whose wall bleed and that starts filling with blood - the flow of blood rushing kind of made me think of the elevator scene from Stanley Kubrick's The Shining but more because it feels like a poor man's version. My call ? This prequel is an overall okay film, it's fairly slow and kind of annoying at first, but it gets betters past the hour mark. The tension and horror are fairly limited, but the movie offers some solid practical effects.
  13. ShawAngela

    Behind the scenes...

    Isn't it from Disciples of shaolin ?
  14. Drunken Monk

    Behind the scenes...

    Weird question but does anyone know when Jackie quit smoking?
  15. According to Deadline, this may very well become the most successful R rated film of all time. It's already surpassed IT and is looking to make around $900 million off a $60 million budget.
  16. Graeme Of Death

    Behind the scenes...

    Love seeing all these old behind the scenes photos. Also like how a lot of these actors who you always assumed must be super fit and healthy often have a cigarette in their hand
  17. Graeme Of Death

    Jackie Chan: 88 Films Blu-Ray Releases

    Maybe Irongod will let us know what's in store
  18. yep, i have it-reviewed it the other week. i have a big thing for 70's bashers, good & bad.
  19. Are you reffering to the region free U.S Blu-Ray where it's paired with American B-Movie The Loners(1972)?. Link- https://www.blu-ray.com/movies/The-Loners-and-Dragon-vs-Needles-of-Death-Blu-ray/253084/
  20. DragonClaws


    I stillhavent watched this one yet @ShawAngela, how I did stumble upon this and thought it might interest you. I'm not sure if any significent Hong Kong actress's/actors, appeared in this 26 episode series?.
  21. this is so great, it's got a blu ray release 😁
  22. DragonClaws

    Behind the scenes...

    Wheels on Meals(1984) Source- https://twitter.com/studiotstella
  23. The fun police strike again?, sorry to hear about this @rdenn I enjoyed all the frequent new content you posted on there.
  24. DragonClaws

    Missing In Action: Bruce Lee's Deleted Movie Scene's

    Alternative take from ETD?, from the scene featuring O'Hara(Bob Wall) tell Mr Lee to attend the morning ritual in uniform.
  25. DragonClaws

    General Article on BL Work Out

    Bruce Lee's former training partner Bolo Yeung, helping his competitive bodybuilder son David train triceps. Both Bolo and Bruce Lee helped change the perception of Asian men in movies and popular culture.
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