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Kung Fu Fandom Forum- The Return


What Happened?

The server that the ShaolinChamber36.com website was on, suffered a "catastrophic failure" a little over 2 weeks ago, which resulted in the site being down for about 3 days. While the site was able to come back (though not without some faults) the forum remained offline.

Though the website files were able to be safely transferred by the web host to a new server, due to the incident, the database of the forum ended up being corrupted. So although everything having to do with the forum was also transferred to a new server, with the database corrupted, this caused fatal errors to come up when trying to access the forum. Unfortunately, backups of the database were reporting missing or faulty files, and the only working database that was able to be recovered without error, dated back to February 1, 2016. Of course we did not simply accept this bad news, and proceeded to try everything we could, consulting with experts in the field, to somehow recover/repair the missing data. But sadly, to no avail.

What this means is, the last 9 months of posts, threads, new member registrations, images posted in the gallery, etc. were all unable to be restored. We sincerely apologize for this, and deeply regret being unable to return the forum back to its original state before the server crashed. Part of what we pay the server company for monthly is to keep the site and forum safely backed up. We are absolutely stunned and saddened at this hard-to-swallow turn of events. Needless to say this has been a humbling learning experience and new safeguards have already been put in place to hopefully prevent a loss like this from ever happening again. As they say: "If you want something done right, do it yourself." So from here on out we'll handle it personally. A complete backup of the site will take place once a week, while a backup of the forum's database will happen every 24 hours.

We have gone into the forum and tried to repair whatever flaws we could find (for instance, SMK manually restored dozens of avatar photos that weren't showing up), but we wanted to get the forum back online as soon as possible. So if any of you spot problems. please PM one of us or a moderator to alert us. Thank you.

No doubt this news will be tough to hear for many members, but thankfully we did not lose all 13 years of our beloved forum. As we have learned from the film's that inspired this gathering of fans in the first place, everyone gets knocked down, but what's most important is that you get back up. So, like the battered heroes we love to watch, we to shall dust ourselves off from this brutal blow, wipe the blood from our mouths, and leap forward with the tenacity of unbeatable dragons. Long live the Kung Fu Fandom Forum!  - SMK & Kung Fu Bob