Fast Fingers (1983)

Reviewed by Ken Hashibe
June 4, 2014


Chin Siu-Ho • Bill Tung Biu • Lo Mang • Chiang Kam • Liu Lai-Ling • Johnny Wang Lung-Wei • Lai Yin-Saan
Hsu Hsia
Chui Fat • Yuen Fai • Hsu Hsia • Cheng Ka-Sang
Version reviewed was in widescreen format. Mandarin language with English subtitles.
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After the king of pickpockets, Uncle Bill (Bill Tung) is released from prison, he decides to teach his adopted nephews (Chin Siu-Ho and Chiang Kam) how to become master pickpockets themselves. Their misadventures in a casino lead to them becoming involved in protecting an associate of Captain Wai (Lo Mang) from the casino owners, Wang Lung-Wei and friends.
thoughts on the movie

This unknown Shaw Brothers kung fu comedy is silly and sometimes a bit lame, but it still provides a fun-filled 90 minutes. Though the action is sometimes undercranked (sped up slightly), it’s still impressive, and there is a good amount of slapstick throughout. The main actors also give very entertaining performances. This is certainly not one of the best or most important of the many great action comedies of the 80’s, but there is still a lot of entertainment to be found in this underrated gem.

was it funny?
Sometimes there can be some funny pick-pocket sequences and some great slapstick in the fight scenes, but generally most other jokes are either lame or too silly (but there are a few exceptions). I do love the performances by Bill Tung, Chin Siu-Ho, and Chiang Kam as they can also bring up a few laughs (or maybe just chuckles).
How was the Action?

Like mentioned earlier, the fight scenes choreographed by Hsu Hsia appear to be sped up occasionally and are sometimes inconsistent. Regardless, they are still terrific and are the highlights of the movie. Lo Mang and Wang Lung-Wei are as impressive as ever. Bill Tung is obviously doubled for most scenes that would be considered “physical.” Alternatively, Chin Siu-Ho is able to show off his unappreciated acrobatic skills without ever using a double. These scenes are a lot of fun and the funky soundtrack helps matters greatly.

Standout performance(s)

Bill Tung is great as the bitter Uncle Bill. Chin Siu-Ho and Chiang Kam have very entertaining comedic performances and are also great in the fight scenes. Lo Mang and Wang Lung Wei give their typical great performances. Tai Bo and Charlie Cho do have some interesting cameos.

Watch or Pass
6 Reasons Why You Should WATCH or PASS On This Movie
1. WATCH if you like kung fu comedies.
2. PASS if you don’t like comedy with your fu.
3. WATCH for the creative fight choreography.
4. PASS if you don’t like sped up fight scenes (not the entire fight, but parts of it).
5. WATCH for one heck of a soundtrack.
6. WATCH for Chin Siu-Ho with a perm.

Not only do Tai Bo and Charlie Cho have cameos, but so does Chin Kar-Lok as a student of Wang Lung Wei’s school. The director, Hsu Hsi, (a.k.a Mr. Stick from Drunken Master) has a cameo, though this time he appears without a mustache. One of the guerrilla girls from Eastern Condors, Chiu Man-Yan, briefly plays an assassin and has a fantastic fight with Chin Siu-Ho.