Dynamo [Sweatshirt]

After years of being type cast into playing Bruce Lee, Ho Chung-tao (or Bruce Li as he is better known to the world) became tired of the same old roles and attempted to make movies in his own image. Although it still features many references to Bruce Lee, DYNAMO is a genuine attempt to let audiences see that Ho Chung-tao could have been far more than just a shadow of his predecessor. In an almost semi-biographical tale of Ho's rise to stardom, the film is one of the stars favourites that he made. DYNAMO is amongst Ho Chung-tao's best movies and it shares some similarities to his swan song, THE CHINESE STUNTMAN. In the movie he plays a taxi driver who is one day discovered by chance because of his resemblance to the late Bruce Lee. Of course, his sudden popularity comes at a price when gangsters become involved. - Lee Holmes (The Clones of Bruce Lee website).
Gildan (18000) 8 oz. 50% cotton / 50% polyester. Preshrunk fleece knit. Double-needle stitching at waistband and cuffs. 1 x 1 rib with spandex.
The design features a striking image of Ho Chung-tao in a yellow tracksuit, similar to the one worn by Bruce Lee in Game of Death. The design also uses Ho's real name rather than the stage name of Bruce Li that he personally disliked. A must for any fans of Ho Chung-tao or Bruceploitation.
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Dynamo [Sweatshirt]
Gildan (18000) 8 oz. 50% cotton/50% polyester.
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