What’s On TV This Week (March 21 – March 27)

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*TV listings are as fluid as a tai chi fighter and may change without notice. Channels may also vary schedules by region. The scriptures say “the wise man always checks local listings.”*

We are approaching Easter, but the networks are not taking a spring break from martial arts action. There are about thirty different movies on this week, and a couple of TV shows. Next week CBS is finally premiering their adaptation of RUSH HOUR. Until then, we have WALKER and HAP AND LEONARD to hold us over. WALKER, TEXAS RANGER is on WGN Monday through Thursday with four episodes starting at 9:00 AM. It is also on Inspiration every weeknight at 10:00 and 11:00 PM, and again at 2:00 and 3:00 AM, with a couple more episodes Sunday night at 8:00 PM. Sundance’s HAP AND LEONARD, which I’ll admit has been a little light on the martial arts, premieres its fourth episode, TRUDY, Wednesday at 10:00 PM, with repeats at 2:10 AM Thursday, 7:00 AM Friday and 1:00 AM Saturday. You can catch up on the previous episode, THE DIVE, Tuesday at 4:45 AM, Wednesday at 2:00 and 9:00 AM, Friday at 6:00 AM, as well as a 3:30 AM broadcast on AMC Wednesday morning.

Movies start literally first thing Monday with a midnight airing of FIVE SHAOLIN MASTERS (1974), followed by MARTIAL ARTS OF SHAOLIN (1986) at 2:00 AM, and SHAOLIN HANDLOCK (1978) at 4:00 AM, all on El Rey. Meanwhile the Sony Movie Channel, which has really pulled out all the stops lately, has KNOCK OFF (1998) at 2:30 AM, followed by THE HARD CORPS (2006) at 4:25 AM. A little later in the morning Sony offers up THE LAST DRAGON (1985) at 10:25 AM, followed by BLACK DRAGON (1989) at 12:25 PM, SHINJUKU INCIDENT (2009) at 2:45 PM, and LEGEND OF A FIGHTER (1982) at 6:40 PM. AMC sneaks in a little Seagal with ON DEADLY GROUND (1994) at 2:15 PM, and El Rey has BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA (1986) at 8:00 PM, and CIRCLE OF IRON (1978) at 10:00 PM. Sony finishes up the day with ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA II (1992) at 10:00 PM.

El Rey kicks off Tuesday with BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA at midnight, and Sony has ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA III (1993) at 12:05 AM. Sony then repeats ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA II at 2:10 AM, and ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA III at 4:15 AM. AMC is playing ON DEADLY GROUND again at 10:00 AM, and the day comes to a close with BEVERLY HILLS NINJA (1997) on Sony at 6:30. Tuesday is the lightest day of the week… but it is hard to go wrong with Jet Li as Wong Fei Hung!

Wednesday kicks off with a classic, when Turner Classic Movies airs SEVEN SAMURAI (1954) at 10:30 AM as part of a morning of Kurosawa films (the others are non-samurai movies). MGM picks up the baton at 2:00 PM with CODE OF SILENCE (1985) at 2:00 PM. El Rey has CIRCLE OF IRON at 4:00 PM, and Sony is showing KNOCK OFF (1998) at 4:15 PM. Spike has the original BLADE (1998) at 5:00 PM, AMC has ABOVE THE LAW at 6:00 PM, and Sony is showing THE HARD CORPS at the same time.

Thursday just might be the best day of the week. It starts at midnight with THE CROW (1994) and CIRCLE OF IRON at 2:00 AM, both on El Rey. Spike has BLADE again at noon and at the same time El Rey is showing THE TREASURE HUNTERS (1982). At 12:10 Sony will show ONCE UPON A TIME IN CHINA II, followed by OUATIC III at 2:15 PM. HEROES SHED NO TEARS (1986) is on El Rey at 2:00 PM. FXX is showing 47 RONIN (2013) at 5:30 PM, and then El Rey will show RETURN OF THE SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN (1981) at 6:00 PM, followed by its sequel PERILS OF THE SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN (1982) at 8:00 PM. USA has RUSH HOUR 3 (2007) at 10:00 PM and Spike brings Thursday to a close with KISS OF THE DRAGON at 11:00 PM.

Friday is a fairly light day, with El Rey offering RETURN OF THE SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN at midnight, PERILS OF THE SENTIMENTAL SWORDSMAN at 2:00 AM, and HEROES SHED NO TEARS (1986) at 4:00 AM. Sony has even more martial arts action with SHAOLIN VS WU TANG (1983) at 10:40 AM, followed by RAIDERS OF THE SHAOLIN TEMPLE (1982) at 12:10 PM. Friday ends with 47 RONIN (2013) on FXX at 3:30 PM.

The weekend kicks off with a midnight showing of NINJA ASSASSIN (2009) on Esquire. CRANK 2: HIGH VOLTAGE (2009) is on Esquire at 1:30 PM, and El Rey is playing UNIVERSAL SOLDIER: DAY OF RECKONING (2012) at 2:00 PM. NINJA ASSASSIN in on Esquire again at 3:10 PM, El Rey has MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE (2006) at 6:00 PM, and HDNet Movies calls Saturday to a close with CANNONBALL RUN II (1984) at 9:40 PM. Sunday promises a full slate, starting with RUSH HOUR 3 on Bravo at 1:00 AM, followed by CANNONBALL RUN II on HDNet Movies at 1:30 AM. El Rey is bringing out MERCENARY FOR JUSTICE again at 4:00 AM. 6:00 AM brings RUSH HOUR 3 on Bravo and KICKBOXER on IFC. Everything else on Sunday airs on El Rey, starting with THE YOUNG TIGER (1977) at 10:00 AM, followed by TRAIL OF THE BROKEN BLADE (1967) at 11:30 AM, MY YOUNG AUNTIE (1981) at 1:30 PMFIVE FINGERS OF DEATH (1973) at 4:00 PM, RENDEZVOUS WITH DEATH (1980) at 6:00 PM, TRAIL OF THE BROKEN BLADE at 8:00, and finally MY YOUNG AUNTIE at 10:00 PM.

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