Top 5 Snake Style Kung Fu Movies

by SMK on March 14, 2012 · 2 comments in Buddhist Blog

When the question is asked, “What are the Top 5 movies to feature snake style kung fu?”, what is the first movie that comes to mind? The odds are, it is probably the one movie featuring the biggest Asian film star in the world, well at least he is now, but not quite back when this movie was made. If you  noticed the image here to the left, than you already know which film was chosen as the #1 film to feature Snake Style Kung Fu. Do not recognize the person pictured, or which movie the image is taken from, then please read on.

A man who needs no introduction, and a film that should be on everyone’s overall TOP Kung Fu movie list, of course I am speaking Jackie Chan, and the 1978 Yuen Wo-Ping film, ‘Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow‘. As you might of expected, the movie you thought would be chosen as the #1 film on the list, was. JC gave an incredible performance utilizing the Snake Style technique in this film, mixed in with his acrobatic ability, this movie is a blast to watch. Have you not seen ‘Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow’ yet? Don’t answer that, just enjoy the opening sequence to the film here, and let Jackie entertain you for a brief minute and 34 seconds.

Coincidentally, a movie that made it in this Top 5 list, also was chosen in the last Top 5, which was based on your favorite Angela Mao films. That being, the 1980 film, ‘Snake Deadly Act‘.

Now for the list of the TOP 5 Films Featuring Snake Style Kung Fu, as voted on by the SC36 disciples:

Here is a list of honorable mentions:

  • Challenge of Death (1978)
  • Magnificent Butcher (1979)
  • Hitman in the Hand of Buddah (1981)
  • Monkey Fist, Floating Snake (1979)
  • Bruce Li in New Guinea (1978)

To view all the TOP 5 lists that have been compiled so far, click here.

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Kevin booker October 8, 2015

Have you guys not seeing the snake in the monkey shadow. Awesome snake monkey and drunken boxing


Snake_Menace_Venom May 24, 2012

Must track all these movies down now, I’m pretty sure I have these somewhere in my collection but these are some of my favorite Kung Fu movies ever!!!


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