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by SMK on March 13, 2011 · 4 comments in Buddhist Blog

The Disciples have spoken. We have come to the conclusion of yet another Top 5 list compilement. The question posed to all the visitors of Shaolin Chamber 36 was to name your Top 5 Sammo Hung films. You may be a bit surprised by the end result, I surely was. There is a movie that did not make the listing, but came very close to doing so. The movie that was barely edged out by another great film of Sammo, and just so happens to be a movie that has its rightful place on my personal Top 10 Favorite Martial Arts films of all time!

Now for the list of the TOP 5 Sammo Hung films as voted on by the SC36 disciples:

5. The Iron Fisted Monk

4. Eastern Condors

3. Warriors Two

2. Magnificent Butcher

1. The Prodigal Son

Sammo has made so many great films, I understand it may not be the easiest thing to limit your Top list of Sammo films to only just 5 films. Arguably some of you may feel that a movie that has made the Top 5 list, should be replaced by a film that did not make the list, but with all due respect, if you do not see your favorite Sammo film in the Top 5 list, and you did not submit your very own Top 5 film list, your vote could have made the difference in another film making or replacing a different title on the list. Please participate in the very next survey, every vote counts, Thank you.

Now for a list of honorable mentions:

  • The Victim
  • Knockabout
  • Dragons Forever
  • Pedicab Driver
  • Odd Couple
  • Millionaire’s Express

A new TOP 5 survey will be up shortly, please do your part, let your voice be heard, have your vote count, and submit YOUR Top 5!

Your participation is appreciated, the community effort is validated.

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Colin April 29, 2012

actually, ‘exploitation’ is a bit harsh. sammo is really paying homage to his friend with this movie.


Colin April 29, 2012

I just watched ‘Enter the Fat Dragon’ and while I DON’T think it should make the top5, it definately deserves an honourable mention, both here and in any discussions of worthwhile Bruce Lee exploitation films.


Luis Antonio March 14, 2011

My friend,for me Enter the Fat Dragon is the best one,of course, the list above are the best movies.


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