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Released on October 12, 2010 came the official Region 1 – NTSC release of the 1984 ultra-classic film, The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter. This film features an amazing performance by Gordon Liu. The transition Liu makes to become a Shaolin monk in this film, is even more momentous than that featured in the film, The 36th Chamber of Shaolin, minus all the training scenes of course. The intended lead character of this film, Alexander Fu Sheng, had sadly passed away in a car accident at the time he was filming this movie. After Sheng’s passing, the spotlight of the film turned towards Gordon Liu. On October 20, Fu Sheng would have been 56 years of age, had he survived the accident. As long as there are fans around that appreciate the films he has appeared in, his legend will forever live on.


The First 6+ Minutes
[flv:/video/The8DiagramPoleFighter_DragonDynasty_SC36.flv 498 332]



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(Click for full cover, then right click to save or view image in full resolution)
Shaolin Prince - Funimation


(Exclusive wallpaper brought to you by Shaolin Chamber 36)
The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter


The 8 Diagram Pole Fighter – Dragon Dynasty [56 Total Screencaps]


Please do your best to support the companies putting out all legit releases of our favorite classic martial arts films. If you like Shaolin Chamber 36 and would also like to show your support, please click on one of the affiliate links listed below to make your ‘8 Diagram Pole Fighter’ DVD purchase. Buddha Bless You.



For those interested, the subtitles on this DVD are NOT dubtitles. Meaning, they are not just a written translation of the English dub audio track. The dialogue greatly differs between the subtitles and the dub.

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