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by SMK on February 11, 2015 · 2 comments in Buddhist Blog

Recently I had to disable the ability to leave a comment on posts, because when a comment was made, it broke the format of that post/page. Due to the fact that Shaolin Chamber 36 has begun, and will continue to post more frequently than ever before, mainly because of the addition of new SC36 team member, Koray, I felt an obligation to figure out what exactly was wrong with the comment system and get it fixed.

Never doubt the skill of a Shaolin webmaster.

I am happy to report that the comment system is once again working correctly, so please consider taking the time to comment, leave your opinion, thoughts and feelings on a post that may inspire you to do so. Any and all feedback and interaction is encouraged and welcomed.

I also brought back the Recent Comments section (found within the right sidebar of the homepage) so that when you visit the site, you can quickly check to see the latest comments made, and on which posts.

As an added note: When leaving a comment on the site, if you’d like to have your own custom avatar show next to your name instead of the default one which states, “I Am A Disciple of Shaolin Chamber 36“, head on over to, sign up for free, and upload your own image. Then when leaving a comment here, or on other sites that utilize the Gravatar system, if you use the same email that you used when registering your Gravatar,  your own personalized avatar will display whenever you comment.

I thank you in advance for your participation.

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