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If you grew up watching classic kung fu films on TV, or renting/buying them on VHS or DVD, chances are you may have also dabbled in the art of ‘fighting without fighting’, virtually that is, meaning you played some 2D/3D fighting games at the arcade or on a home console. There have been a plethora of fighting games released over the last few decades, games in which a martial arts film fan could play as a world class fighter, and take full control over a character that could pull some bone shattering moves, moves in which we could only dream of accomplishing ourselves.

Jae Lee, maker of the KINGS OF KUNG FU video game, which released in 2015, is back with another hard-hitting 3D fight fest in the form of SHAOLIN VS WUTANG.


Current Features Include

  • Hand to hand and weapon combat
  • Dynamic blocking animations
  • Licensed Kung fu soundtrack featuring music from classic films
  • 14 Inspired Characters
  • 12 Stages
  • Unique moves and combos for every fighter
  • Single Player & Local Co-op


Fighting Styles Include

  • Drunken fist
  • Chinese boxing,
  • Longfist
  • Wushu
  • Monkey
  • Mantis
  • Lotus Palm
  • Eagles Claw
  • Snake
  • 5 Element Fist
  • Buddhas Palm
  • 8 Diagram Fist
  • White Brow
  • Armor of God

Available on PC. To purchase the game or for further info, head on over to Steam.

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ShaOW!linDude May 31, 2016

This looks fun. What platforms is it available on?


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