RZA Interested in BLACK BELT JONES Remake

by Koray on April 27, 2015 · 4 comments in Buddhist Blog

Hip-hop artist/music producer/filmmaker RZA recently announced that he is interested in remaking the classic Jim Kelly martial arts film BLACK BELT JONES in an interview with Esquire magazine. The 1974 film stars Kelly, who had just been featured alongside Bruce Lee in 1973’s ENTER THE DRAGON, as a karate expert trying to save his local school from being destroyed by the mafia. The film, a mix of action and comedy, is especially unique due to the fact that it was a martial arts film starring an African American, and released by major film studio Warner Brothers. These elements coming together were rare at the time, and sadly, not a lot has changed in this regard, even after 40 years. Due to Kelly’s charisma and athleticism, an enthusiastic supporting cast (including Scatman Crothers), quotable, over-the-top dialogue, and a fantastic soundtrack the film remains a fan favorite.

The Wu-Tang Clan member discussed the martial arts films that had a major impact on him, and when the subject of Jim Kelly and BLACK BELT JONES was brought up, he said he wanted to “do it over” and that “he was working on it”.

RZA is certainly no stranger to the world of martial arts cinema, as both a longtime fan of the genre and a prominent member of The Wu-tang clan. This hip hop collective is known for its strong influences from kung fu films, utilizing audio samples on the tracks, and prominent references to fighting styles and classic movie characters throughout their lyrics.

RZA, who is the star of two martial arts films himself, THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS 1 and 2 (2012 & 2015), and played the villain in the Tony Jaa film THE PROTECTOR 2 (2013), said he was not only interested in remaking the Jim Kelly classic BLACK BELT JONES, but also in playing the lead.

It would’ve been interesting to hear what Mr. Kelly himself had to say in regards to a possible remake, but sadly we lost him to cancer towards the end of June, 2013.

Little more is known about the project at this time, but we will keep you updated.

To read the full interview check out this link: Esquire.com

Source: http://www.esquire.com/entertainment/movies/interviews/a34334/rza-kung-fu-interview/

(With additional reporting bu Kung Fu Bob)

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Mark Follis September 11, 2019

I’m a true Jim Kelly fan and I strongly disagree with anyone remaking any of his signature films. I’m hoping that the film registry protects and prohibits anyone to remake Jim Kelly movies. Jim Kelly was the first African American martial artist to appear in movies. Jim Kelly is one of a kind and no one can ever replicate him. His movies are his legacy and Jim was and still is in his own right! I suggest that artist invent their own new ideas rather than borrowing the ideas from class blaxploitation films and legends of that era. It’s our responsibility as fans of the blaxploitation movies era to preserve and cherish those memorable experiences rather than copycatting from the original legends. I’m an up-and-coming artists inspired by blaxploitation legends but I have my own brand movie titles that were never done before. One thing I’ve learned from Jim Kelly was there’s nothing wrong with being inspired by those before you but it’s wise to create your own new ideas, vision and purpose. Never replicate anyone but accept your greatness in your own right!


Frank Edwards March 23, 2016

In regards to the remake of Black Belt Jones I do believe that after viewing Rza in his two Iron Fist movies and after viewing the special features of the dvds I am a True Believer that he’s going to do a Good Job. But Rza you’ve git to be True to Jim Kelly with at least the short fro, the Kehas of his voice when he punches someone and you’ve got time be well dressed. If you need me my brother just give me a call at 414-949-6323.
Frank Edwards


Frank Edwards March 23, 2016

My name is Frank Edwards and I’ve been trying to get someone to back me in the remake of “Dolemite “. Sounds kind of unbelievable to the common Joe but I do strongly believe that I am the only individual who could bring the actual essence of the cult classic. Of course we we’d have to drop the pimp idea and just make him a successful night club owner/comedian/trash talking/well dressed but semi flamboyant/martial artist we can’t forget the Queen Bee, and female Force Of night club waitresses. I can be reached at 414-949-6323 and on FaceBook Frank Edwards.


Michael Lauck March 28, 2016

Have you contacted anyone about acquiring the rights to the Dolemite character or film yet? Mr. Moore undoubtedly left the rights of his material (and the character appeared in his comedy act before the film) to someone.


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