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Let’s take another look back at what was, SHAOLIN CHAMBER. For those visitors that are new to ‘Shaolin Chamber 36’ and may have not had the chance to visit my previous site, SHAOLIN CHAMBER (minus the 36) was my original attempt at creating a fan based Kung Fu movie dedicated website, which I  started back on December 24, 2004. Here is something I wrote up on the sites 1 year anniversary. I left it as is, exactly how it was shown back in 2005.


Shaolin Chamber – 1 Year Old!

Today, December 24, 2005 marks exactly 1 year that Shaolin Chamber has been “online” and available to all kung fu/martial arts movie fans world wide. I decided to start my own full blown website after trying out my own blog site which was named “Shaolin Spot”. I realized how much I liked sharing my thoughts, ideas, experiences with other kung fu fans but I wanted more freedom to try other things, things I already had in mind but could not do due to the limitations of the blog site. I immediately begin doing research on finding a web host and looking into how exactly do you register a domain name. None of this I had done before so it was an exciting experience to begin the process of having “my own site”. The part of the process that took me the longest and had me stressing over the most was coming up with a domain name. I wanted something that when you heard it, you would know it had something to do with kung fu, but something that also sounded cool … this led me to SHAOLIN CHAMBER. Which by the way I do hope most of you do think that it sounds cool, after all, I could have named it LAMA CHAMBER …lol .. just kidding of course.

In the last 12 months I have had so much fun running this site, meeting new people, giving away DVD’s , and just overall feeling that I am doing just a little something to contribute to the kung fu community far and wide. As I have told many people before, I just wanted to make a site that I have always dreamed of finding while doing many of my google searches for something new and exciting online. The closes thing I found was Stunt People, which were a huge influence in which direction I wanted to go with my movie reviews. When I first started off the site, the only thing SCDC really had going for it was the movie reviews, which of course I’m sure those of you reading this know that they feature audio clips, video clips, screen caps, among other original features not found in other movie reviews. Now I am proud to say the website is full of content, that could literally keep a new visitor busy for hours, which I’ve heard it has.

I of course did not do this alone, there have been so many helpful hands out there that I can seriously say this site would not be what it is today if it hadn’t been for ALL OF YOUR help. The one person that deserves the highest praise is none other than my good buddy, MAHSINGYI. Without him, my site would look … well.. let’s just say it wouldn’t look half as decent as it does today. Thank you my friend. May our partnership continue to be as productive in 2006 as it has been in ’05. I am sure everybody that visits the site appreciates all your hard work and your ability to make a sleek DVD cover look better than the original.

Another huge supporter and someone that consistently contributes goodies to me for all the disciples of SCDC to enjoy is WHIRLWIND. I thank you so much buddy, your willingness to help will forever be appreciated.

Others that have helped make SHAOLIN CHAMBER the site that it is today are SIFU LINN HAYNES, LIMUBAI2000, RED SUN (JACK), MHAT (HKFLIX), GFANIKF, MANTIS FIST, MAGICPOE, THE GARDENER, WHAMSABI, BUDDHAS PALM, CHEN LUNG, SEVENHOOKS, TANGOWIND, NEIL, TI LUNG, VENOM10463, MILKMANIAC, VICTIMBLUE, MASTA KILLA, CHEN ZHEN, JERSEY, FLASHLEGS PETE JR., SCOTT MCNUTT, BENTLEY2005. I thank all of you for your help and contributions to the site. To any I have failed to mention here, I am sorry, but I do thank you as well and appreciate all you have done.

To everybody that has taken the time to email me with your praises for the site letting me know that you appreciate all the hard work, I thank you, it really means alot to me and helps to keep me motivated in pumping out those updates!!

I also would like to thank all of you who have taken the time to register and/or post in the forum. I really love hearing from people that visit the site.

May 2006 be Bigger and Better for kung fu movie fans worldwide, I know I will continue to try my best to make sure Shaolin Chamber is a site that fans can continue to come back to and find something new every time.

To all the DISCIPLES of Shaolin Chamber,

Buddha Bless You. Happy Holidays!

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