New 36 Styles Design- “KUNG FU THEATER”

by Kung Fu Bob O'Brien on May 12, 2015 · 4 comments in Buddhist Blog

I originally designed the art for this new shirt for the Kung Fu Theater film series at the Hollywood Theatre in Portland, Oregon. (For more information about the theater, including their current schedule, you can go here: ) It was 2012 when they approached me about creating some artwork for my favorite subject- kung fu cinema. They asked me to draw something that would represent an assortment of classic Hong Kong icons (excluding a few of the “too-obvious” choices), and we brainstormed together about the “must-haves” and settled on who would be included. There were more names on the list, but we didn’t want to make it look too crowded. For the next three years this design was only available exclusively through the theater, but I often had people asking me about it. So we finally decided to talk about possibly making it available through 36 Styles as well. When I met up with them negotiations were brutal, and included a vicious pole fight, a flurry of finger-flicks to the face, and an inspired display of “Bearded Monkey Fist” against “Drunken Leopard Style.” When it was all over we swept up the hair and ceiling plaster from the floor, wiped the blood from the walls, shook hands, and downed a jug of wine together in a toast to our successful negotiation!

So I can happily, and officially announce that the “KUNG FU THEATER” design is now available through 36 Styles. A few details…

  • First time available for international shipping.
  • First time available in 27 colors and 7 shirt styles (previously only available in black).
  • First time available in 4XL through 6XL sizes for T-Shirts & Long Sleeve.
  • First time with larger design.
  • First time we have implemented a new feature to the site so that you can now see the design on each and every color that it is available on (T-Shirt style only)! Just click on the shirt image and scroll through the colors, or click on the “color box” to see the specific color you want to check out.

As for the design, it depicts some of the greatest characters and actors of kung fu cinema, gathered together in one exciting image. Sort of a “Best Of” design, it features Sammo Hung from IRON-FISTED MONK, Gordon Liu from 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN, Angela Mao from HAPKIDO, Lau Kar-Leung from MAD MONKEY KUNG FU, Lo Lieh as Pai Mei from FIST OF THE WHITE LOTUS, Hwang Jang-Lee from SNAKE IN THE EAGLE’S SHADOW, Kam Kong as the Blind Killer Monk from MASTER OF THE FLYING GUILLOTINE, and one of the trident-wielding demons from MASKED AVENGERS. These stars are backed by a somewhat familiar-looking shield, and surrounding the words “Kung Fu Theater.” This is a 4 color design: black, white, gray and light gray. Pre-order now!

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Mike Perry March 9, 2018

36 styles and Kung Fu Bob! The Kung Fu Theater design is one of my favorites. I copped one as soon as I seen it on the page. Its the essence of all your designs in one!
I do have a question for the Abbott! Any chance of any new designs featuring the different “styles” of kung fu!? I train southern Shaolin Hung Gar. Tiger crane. I would love to see what you could do for featuring the different styles of kung fu.
Or any chance of a special made 36 styles design on a traditional “frog button” shirt (you know like the one Bruce Lee wears)
Just throwin’ that out there!
Keep doin what you do fellas- you are one of a kind when it comes to cinema design! salute!
Buddah bless


Secret Executioner May 19, 2015

Awesome design, Brother Bob. I’ll definitelty get this one, likely in black cause it looks great. 😀



Ken Hashibe May 12, 2015

Another awesome shirt, Bob! I always see Brian Quinn (founder of the Grindhouse Film Festival) and other regulars wearing this shirt when I go to the New Beverly Cinema. 😉

Again, great shirt. So many colors to choose from.



Kung Fu Bob May 13, 2015

Right on Ken, it’s great to hear that you dig it, and that others are out and about in it.

Special thanks to Head Monk SMK for hooking up the color selector like that. It’s so much better for you to actually get to see the design on each color, so you can choose exactly the right one for you.


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