Kung Fu Cinema Forum Saved + Questions Answered

by Kung Fu Bob O'Brien on August 14, 2015 · 0 comments in Buddhist Blog

1. QUESTION: Will the funding be successful in reaching it’s goal and allowing us to resurrect the Kung Fu Cinema forums?

ANSWER: SUCCESS!!! Kung Fu Cinema Forum Has Been Saved!

Brothers and Sisters,

This is absolutely fantastic! Thanks to the generous donations of members from both the Kung Fu Cinema forum and the Shaolin Chamber 36 forum, we quickly met, and then exceeded our goal. To those that donated and spread the word, I’d like to say, from us, and all kung fu cinema fans and forum members, we send our heart-felt thanks to you. We could not have done it without your support and help.

When SMK and I were trying to set this whole ‘Save The Forum’ thing up, and were looking into our options and their costs, we were stressed about having to depend on others, and asking for financial help. As he is the technical wizard, he was telling me about all the wonderful things we could and should have for the forum. I sort of played the part of ‘the frugal producer’, nixing nearly all of his suggestions, except for the very basics that we’d need to make the forum function and be upgraded in some cool ways. Not that I didn’t think his suggestions were great, but I felt our success in raising the funds might depend on us keeping the bill as low as possible. There were additional costs that we reluctantly agreed we’d just have to put out-of-pocket ourselves, though we’re not really in a position to do so. Also, neither of us had ever used this type of thing to raise money before, so we failed to realize the the fees for the funding itself would eat into our ‘must have’ money that we needed in the first place (GoFundMe deducts a 5% fee from each donation received, and WePay deducts 2.9% + $0.30 per donation). So the money generously given above and beyond the initial goal of $595.00 will all go towards making the forum even better, more secure, keeping it maintained and the programs used will always be up-to-date. That also means that since we won’t have to spend our own extra cash, it still allows us to give away cool prizes in our contests/give-aways, instead of having to skimp. Just to clarify, not one penny of the donations will go towards shaolinchamber36.com or our server costs. Everything donated will be used exclusively for the forum itself. To be more specific, the money will be used for the following:

The forum software we will be using has a optional renewal fee every 6 months, which is 33% of the total cost of the software. The renewal fee allows us to continue to update all purchased software and have access to the marketplace to possibly purchase additional features/add-ons, as well as tech support.

We will purchase additional features which will add even more functionality to the forum.

We can now afford to get the higher end Chat feature, which allows for more members in the chat at the same time.

Possibly even purchase a nice looking theme.

So the Kung Fu Cinema forums have been saved, the Shaolin Chamber 36 forums will be absorbed into them, and the whole thing will be called by the KFC forum’s original name: Kung Fu Fandom!


Bob and SMK


2. QUESTION: Tosh- “I hope you keep the chamber post count?”

ANSWER: It appears like we will be able to keep the post count. For members (like yourself) that were on the KFC forum and are now on the SC36 forum (or that were members of both at the same time before the KFC one shut down), we are going to try to merge your accounts from both forums and adjust your post counts accordingly. I repeat- we are going to try. A lot of these kinds of details will be ‘wait and see’ until we can get in there and try it. But SMK and I are optimistic we’ll be able to make this happen.


3. QUESTION: Hei Meigui- “Will the name 36 styles totally go away? What about the shirts?”

ANSWER: No, it won’t go away. The main site shaolinchamber36.com will still be shaolinchamber36.com, and 36 Styles, which is our kung fu T-shirt brand, will still be exactly the same (except with increasingly cooler designs added every few weeks :laugh :thumbsup ). The main difference is that the Shaolin Chamber 36 forum will be absorbed into the much bigger Kung Fu Cinema forum, and re-named ‘Kung Fu Fandom forum’.


4. QUESTION: Will the Shaolin Chamber 36 forum lose it’s charm/be different/members have to sign up again?

ANSWER: No, somewhat, and no.

First it should be stated that many of the SC36 forum members were also KFC forum members already.

Second, about 98% of the KFC forum members are awesome people, and you SC36 will be gaining lots of cool, funny, knowledgeable brothers and sisters (and they will be gaining the same from you). The mods from KFC (all good people) will join us here in the same capacity, so we will have a great crew keeping threads in the right places, helping people with questions, ejecting trouble-makers, etc.

Yes, things will look different, but that will be the case for both sides, and everything about the forum will be better. It will be cleaner looking, and much more user-friendly. SMK will be preparing easy-to-follow tutorials, which will conveniently have their own section of the forum, on how to upload photos, embed videos, use the chat room, and all the other forum features. So even technically challenged forum members like me will be able to get the full benefit of all the good stuff available to make your forum time the best experience it can be.

SMK and I want respect, peace, and love to permeate these forums, and we will do our best to keep things mellow and fun.
Keep the peace; have patience; forgive offense.”

The biggest difference for SC36 forum members will be the sudden enormous wealth of knowledge, reviews, history, and recommendations you will suddenly have access to. Even the writings of our kung fu brothers that have passed on- our dearly departed friends Linn Haynes, Winfred, and Houndslow- will be here for you to enjoy and get to know them.

All members will be able to keep their forum names and will not have to sign back up. Though SC36 members that already have KFC forum accounts with different names will likely have to use their KFC names for Kung Fu Fandom. But we will try to help out those that are desperate to keep their later names.


5. QUESTION: When will SC36 forum actually transition and become Kung Fu Fandom forum?

ANSWER: We are at the mercy of a few things that are beyond our control as far as exactly when we can start the merge. But it looks likely that on Sunday or Monday we will be shutting down the SC36 forum so we can do the merge. No worries. Whenever it happens, your posts will not be lost. SMK and I will be tackling the work with Shaolin gusto, and will toil to get everything done as quickly as possible. But it is impossible for us to tell you exactly how long it will take. At least a few days, possibly a week or more, but we are hoping for a speedy turnaround. Once the temporary shutdown goes into effect we will provide updates of our progress via our Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Kung Fu Bob https://www.facebook.com/kungfubob.obrien
SMK https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shaolin-Chamber-36/367070067027?fref=ts


If you don’t use either of these, you’ll just have to stop by the main site and try clicking on the forum tab.


If anyone has any other questions about these matters, please ask here so that we can answer publicly for everyone’s benefit. Thanks! :thumbsup

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