Kung Fu Bob Joins Shaolin Chamber 36 & 36 Styles Part 2

by Kung Fu Bob O'Brien on December 21, 2014 · 0 comments in Buddhist Blog

It’s been a long time coming.

Back in 2011, Ray (The “abbot” of shaolinchamber36.com) asked me to come up with a logo for his about-to-launch, kung fu T-shirt company 36 Styles. I helped him create the original logo design, and was very happy to play my small part in what looked like a promising new company. I had more than a few ideas for some shirts designs (one in particular, that will soon become a reality), and Ray was open to them. But at the time I was very busy with other projects and couldn’t commit to anything more. So after I did the logo, we each went about our business. Ray and I continued to be friends, and checked in with one another occasionally. He was busy building his new company and running his website, and I was hard at work doing commercial art and whipping up genre drawings whenever I had the chance. Three and a half years slipped by.

Now I’ve been asked quite a few times over the years to join up and become a partner with various individuals and companies. I’ve also had many offers by others to build a website for my art. Among them were some good, talented people, but it was either not the right time, the right person, or the right situation. Well all that has changed. Over the last few years I’ve continued to draw and paint, and have created paintings, movie posters, book, CD, Blu-ray and DVD covers. At the same time 36 Styles grew, put out a plethora of great shirts, and cemented a reputation for great product, quality materials, and fantastic customer service. The common denominator here is that Ray and I are both crazy about Asian cinema (especially kung fu movies), and wanted to focus our efforts on this subject matter. So we both approached one another at the same time, and started talking about a collaboration. Turns out Ray and I are on the same page with our goals, and that what each of us are able to bring to the table makes for a perfect balance of responsibility and creativity.

After discussing all the details with Ray I knew this was the perfect company to become a part of and grow with. I dove in with both feet, and joined up with Shaolinchamber36.com and 36 Styles to become a part of something I really believe in. What started out as a simple bit of working together soon developed into a full-fledged partnership. So I’ll be writing and editing for the site, creating original designs for t-shirts, continuing to draw new artwork, and also finally have my own dedicated page where people can see and buy my art prints. All of my work will now be right here, I’m proud to say, as a part of Shaolin Chamber 36.

Since this is a big announcement for Ray and I, we wanted to come out with this information “celebration style” which is why we also announced the first of my designs with 36 Styles– the DRUNKEN MASTER- BEGGAR SO shirts and prints. When initially deciding what subject I could possibly have picked, of course it needed to be something that we both love and that we were sure all the kung fu fans out there would dig. Who better than Beggar So (aka. Sam Seed), one of the most iconic figures in all of kung fu cinema history?  I hope you guys enjoy this design. And of course as shaolinchamber36 often do, it was released with a special gift for the first 18 buyers- a complimentary print of my artwork. Don’t fret if you missed out. Prints and posters of my painting are still available. Just click on the “KUNG FU BOB’S ART” tab at the top of this page. If you want to be one of the first 18 customers next time, be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter where we make our “New Design Available” announcements.

As I said- it’s been a long time coming, but finally the stars have aligned just right. Or should I say the Shaolin monks “Unbeatable Endeavor Formation”  is complete?  Either way, as two like-minded Asian cinema nuts it seemed like a no-brainer for us to join forces, try to give fans everything that we as fans would want, while also fulfilling our dreams and supporting our families. I hope that you guys- our kung fu brothers and sisters will join us on this journey, and that you’ll enjoy the fruits of our labors and the new products that we’ve created together.

Buddha bless you, peace, and rock on!

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