Kara Hui Announces Retirement And Final Action Film

by Koray on July 13, 2015 · 0 comments in Buddhist Blog

Legendary kung fu actress Kara Hui-Ying Hung recently announced that she has plans to retire from the film industry, with her final action film starting production this October.

Kara Hui is probably best known to fans of martial arts cinema for her roles in many of the late great Lau Kar Leung’s classic movies at Shaw Brother Studios. Films such as 8 DIAGRAM POLE FIGHTER (1984), LEGENDARY WEAPONS OF CHINA (1982), and the film that made her the first-ever winner of the Hong Kong Film Award for Best Actress, MY YOUNG AUNTIE (1981).

With over 130 productions in her filmography, and the ability to perform equally well in both traditional kung fu films (BUDDHA’S PALM (1982), WUXIA (2011)) and the contemporary martial arts action films of the 80’s and 90’s (INSPECTOR WEARS SKIRTS (1988), WIDOW WARRIORS (1990), and MADAME CITY HUNTER (1993)),  Kara Hui has become a fan favorite of many genre aficionados, earning the nickname “Auntie” after her most famous role at Shaw studios. Hui is also an accomplished dramatic actress, and won multiple awards for her performance in AT THE END OF DAYBREAK (2010).

According to Yahoo SG (Via Mingpao news) Hui recently appeared on the Hong Kong talk show “A Date With Luyu” where she revealed that the idea of retiring from the industry in 2017 was something she had planned for a few years. Hui told her interviewer that she wanted to focus more on her career as an artist, saying  “In fact, a few years ago, I have planned to retire in 2017 and learn ink wash painting. Hopefully I will be able to hold an exhibition of my art in the future.”

It was also during this show that the Honk Kong icon said she’d start working on her last action film in October, a currently untitled project from Taiwanese  director Giddens Ko (YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE (2011). When asked if she would be making smaller, guest appearances in any films post-retirement, she responded that she hadn’t given it much thought, explaining “I hope to give myself a chance to try other things.”

SOURCES: SG.News.Yahoo | City on Fire

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