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Hong Kong cinema legend Jackie Chan continues to work non-stop, adding film after film to his illustrious career that now spans over 100 film credits. Chan has taken on most every job in the movie business, and even earned two Guinness world records: “Most Stunts By A Living Actor” and “Most Credits In One Movie”. The awards honor both his longstanding commitment to providing groundbreaking and fearless stunt work in genre favorites like POLICE STORY (1985), PROJECT A (1983) and ARMOUR OF GOD (1986), as well as his impressive 15 credits in 2012’s CHINESE ZODIAC (aka. CZ12) that included everything from actor and director, to choreographer and composer.

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2016 and 2017 look to be another couple of busy years for Jackie, as he has several projects lined up that should be of interest to any fan of his work. First up is action-comedy SKIPTRACE (2016), a collaboration with director Renny Harlin (CLIFFHANGER, 1993). It’s based on a story by Chan about a retired Chinese police officer and a gambler, played by Chan and Johnny Knoxville (known for his own brand of stunt work on the MTV series JACKASS (2000) ) respectively. AMERICAN PIE‘s Sean William Scott was originally cast opposite Chan, but for unknown reasons he was replaced right before filming began. The plot concerns Chan and Knoxville taking on a crime boss, and features a cast that also includes Chinese actress Fan Bing Bing (SHAOLIN, 2011) and actor/director Eric Tsang. The diminutive Tsang is perhaps best known to genre fans as the director of the kung fu classic THE LOOT (1980), and for his performance in MY LUCKY STARS (1985).

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Chan reportedly had a near-fatal accident on the set of the film, where he was almost drowned due to a heavy current knocking him off a raft. At 62 years old, the star continues to put his life on the line for his fans, and by the sounds of it SKIPTRACE will deliver in the action department. The film will be hitting Chinese cinemas as early as July 22nd with a US release slated for September 2016.


RAILROAD TIGERS 1 SC36- Article Photos

2016 continues for Chan with his “One for China, One For America” model that he’s basically been following since the release of his big breakthrough in America, RUSH HOUR (1998). Chan’s other big 2016 project is the Chinese production RAILROAD TIGERS, the third team-up between Jackie and Director Ding Shen, who also directed  LITTLE BIG SOLDIER (2010) and POLICE STORY: LOCKDOWN (AKA POLICE STORY 2013). Set in the wartime China of 1941, Chan plays a railroad worker that leads a group of Chinese freedom fighters against the Japanese forces by disrupting their engines and stealing food for the starving Chinese population. The 50 million dollar action comedy co-starring Hiroyuki Ikeuchi (IP MAN, 2008)  has been described by producers as recapturing the same feel of past Chan classics like DRUNKEN MASTER 2  (1994) and PROJECT A (1983). RAILROAD TIGERS has a release set for December 2016.

RAILROAD TIGERS 2 SC36- Article Photos

RAILROAD TIGERS teaser trailer :


THE FOREIGNER SC36- Article Photos

Due for release in late 2016/early 2017 is THE FOREIGNER, a TAKEN-esque revenge actioner based on the 2008 book THE CHINAMAN by Stephen Leather. Directed by Martin Campell, (CASINO ROYALE), the film already created quite a bit of controversy when the filming of a bus explosion in London in January of 2016 caused alarm as many onlookers were not aware it was a stunt being filmed. THE FOREIGNER has JC in the role of a man devastated by terrorist attacks in London, seeking revenge on those responsible. Joining him in the cast is former 007, Pierce Brosnan (TOMORROW NEVER DIES, 1997), in what appears to be a more gritty,  dark project than those previously mentioned.

KUNG FU YOGA SC36- Article Photos

Multi-lingual, Indian-Chinese co-production KUNG FU YOGA (2017), an action adventure shot on location in Dubai and India, has Jackie share the screen with Bollywood stars Sonu Sood (HAPPY NEW YEAR, 2014)  and Amyra Dastur (ANEHAN, 2015). Another interesting cast member is Aarif Lee, known for his portrayal of “The Little Dragon” himself in the biopic BRUCE LEE, MY BROTHER (2010, aka. YOUNG BRUCE LEE). Directed by Stanley Tong (POLICE STORY 3: SUPERCOP), KUNG FU YOGA is a adventure in the vein of  THE MYTH (2005) and the ARMOUR OF GOD series (1986-2012), featuring Chan as an archeology professor in search of lost treasure, who travels to locations like India, Tibet, and Dubai.

Jackie Chan fans have a lot to look forward to in the near future. But which of these films are you, the readers of SC36, looking forward to seeing the most? Please let us know, and check out an all-in-one trailer that combines footage from each of these upcoming projects below!




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Secret Executioner July 23, 2016

Thanks for keeping us up, Jackie seems to be so much stuff these days it’s nice to have a little recap of all his projects. 🙂


SMK July 24, 2016

We appreciate the comment, thanks for taking the time to leave it!


Koray August 6, 2016

Glad you liked this SE! Jackie sure is a busy man 🙂


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