It’s 3/6 Day, Let’s Celebrate!!!

by Kung Fu Bob O'Brien on March 6, 2015 · 4 comments in Buddhist Blog

What is 3/6 Day you ask? Well, it’s a chance to celebrate our mutual love of kung fu and Asian cinema. You may have noticed we are big fans of the number 36 and the film THE 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN. With that in mind, we decided to create a new tradition… a new holiday.  On the 3rd month, 6th day of each year- “3/6 Day,” we’re declaring our love of kung fu cinema and it’s related genres. On this special day that we rejoice together, we are rewarding our loyal supporters with great contests and give-aways (shirts, art prints, music), and some exciting surprise announcements!


Here’s how:


  1. Dirty Cheng Zi Album Download Give-Away

We’ve recently become hip to this artist’s music and put up two posts about him. Here’s how to a win free download of one of his albums. Go to each of the posts and follow the links to listen to his albums. Then simply comment under each post telling us which one was your favorite track off of each album. There will be two winners, and each winner will get one free mp3 album download. Here are the posts where you must leave your comments naming your favorite track from each album: Introducing… Kung Fu Hip Hop Master – Dirty Cheng Zi! and Dirty Cheng Zi – Ninja Silent AssasinKeep in mind, the price for each release is extremely affordable, so if you don’t want to wait to see if you win one, go ahead and purchase either one, or better yet both.


  1. 36 Styles Will Be Releasing Its First Japanese Movie-Themed Shirt, And You Can Win One

Yup, we have to represent Japan’s incredible martial arts and action cinema with our shirt designs too. All that glory can’t just go to Hong Kong. The new design, which will be available as both a shirt design, and prints & posters, will be unveiled at some point this week. What will it be? Will it be samurai-themed for all you Chanbara fans? Or maybe some karate goodness? You’ll just have to wait and see. But I’ll give you a hint… it’s going to use up a lot of red ink! Would you like to win a free shirt of this new design? All you have to do is follow @kungfubobsart on Instagram. One follower will randomly be chosen to win one free tee-shirt of our next design, which will be released this week.


      1. $3.60 Off All 36 Styles Shirt Orders This Week

Were you thinking of picking up some 36 Styles shirts? Now is the time! Place your order, and during checkout enter the coupon code THREESIXDAY to receive $3.60 off of your total bill (after shipping).


      1. Sale Extension On Buy 3 Or More Shirts, Get A BORN INVINCIBLE Shirt FREE

In honor of 3/6 Day we’ve decided to extend this super sale offer to you for one more week. If you purchase three or more shirts of any in-stock design in one order, you get a free BORN INVINCIBLE tee. We WILL combine this offer with the above $3.60 off your purchase total sale. That’s how we roll (David Chiang style). Just enter that code during checkout.


      1. We’re Going To Give Away 36 Shirts

What’s the catch? No catch. For the next year we will give away 3 shirts per month, every month… for absolutely free. This will be done via some fun and easy contests. When will these shirt Give-Aways start? Right this second. Check out #3 up above. See how it snuck up on you? If this announcement were a flying guillotine, you’d already be dead!


      1. FIVE VENOMS Art Print Collection Give-Away

Someone is going to win a complete set of 11×17″ FIVE VENOMS prints, consisting of The Toad, The Scorpion, The Centipede, The Lizard, The Snake, and the 6th Student! How do you win this set? See the image link below? All you have to do is “share” it on Facebook, or re-post the image/link on Twitter, or Instagram and you will be entered into the drawing. If you want an even better chance to win you can do all three, and your name will be entered once for each of these places that you share the image/link. Once you do this your name will be put into a drawing to win. I’ve already posted this in all three places, so just go grab it, and spread the word.

Facebook: Kungfubob O’Brien


Instagram: kungfubobsart


      1. DRUNKEN MASTER- Beggar So “Variant” Shirt Sale

The first shirt design collaboration between Kung Fu Bob and 36 Styles is getting a special, one week only sale! We’re going to take $3.60 off the regular price, from now until the end of next Friday. On top of this sale, you will also get the previously mentioned $3.60 off your total order discount (enter coupon code THREESIXDAY upon checkout) which means a total savings of $7.20 on this shirt! Note: This sale is only for the “variant” version of the DRUNKEN MASTER- Beggar So design.


But still… there’s more…


      1. A One-Of-A-Kind Original Sketch By Kung Fu Bob

Bob’s going to draw (and sign) an original sketch of the winner’s favorite martial arts cinema actor or actress. They can also choose between an action shot or a portrait, and which movie their star is depicted from. For this prize all you have to do is register on the ShaolinChamber36 Forum. Many cool, like-minded fans are there, and they want you to join them. In the future we will be holding some “Forum-Exclusive” contests and give-away opportunities, and if you aren’t a part of the forum family you’ll never even know they are happening! We’re going to do a drawing and randomly pick one winner out of the people registered on the site’s forum. It’s easy to join up, and lots of fun. So what are you waiting for? Jump on in there like a young kung fu student in a teahouse brawl!


And… (sound the gong)


      1. The Debut Of The ShaolinChamber36 Theme

Hip Hop Beat Master Dirty Cheng Zi generously took some time off from smashing the Manchu forces with his mad beats to create our site’s very own theme track! And you know what? We’re giving it to all of you for FREE! You can DL it in mp3 for absolutely free right here [Left Click To Play | Right Click To Save]. Please play it loud and proud, and if you dig it (we know that you will) check out more of Dirty Cheng Zi’s music here.


You can participate in as many of these contests and give-away chances as you’d like. There will be no limit to how many times a single person can win. There will be times when multiple contests will be taking place at the same time, and times where there may be no contest going on. To always make sure you are aware of when one will be taking place, follow us on Instagram @shaolinchamber36, @36styles and @kungfubobsart, on Facebook at Shaolin Chamber 36, 36 Styles, and Kungfubob O’Brien, and follow us on Twitter @shaolinchamber, @36stylesdotcom and @KUNGFUBOBSART

You can also check in on the website for updates,

The type of contests will vary as far as the tasks needed to be completed for eligibility, but all will be rather simple and or fun. So get started winning some good stuff! Make sure to follow us on all the above mentioned social media outlets, and check in on the site daily for updates, winner announcements, new products, news and reviews.

Good luck, Happy 3/6 Day, and Buddha Bless You.

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Kung Fu Bob March 7, 2015

Well, we’ve created a new tradition. A new holiday! I enjoyed my 3/6 Day, and ended it by re-watching the fight scenes from SHANGHAI 13 (Oh man, those vicious, spiked brass-knuckles!) and GHOST PUNTING for some brutal fighting and action-choreography from Sammo. Strange mix though, eh? LOL


Secret Executioner March 7, 2015

Awesome stuff. Man, wish I had waited a bit longer to place an order.

Guess I’ll place another one sooner than I expected then. :p


Koray March 6, 2015

Amazing stuff! Happy 3/6 day to all!


SMK March 6, 2015

Happy 3/6 Day to all my Kung Fu brothers and sisters. March 6th may have come and gone, but the coupon code, buy 3 or more get free Born Invincible shirt continue until March 14, and the contest and prizes will continue for the next 12 months, until the next 3/6 Day when we will announce new contest and give-aways!


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