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by Kung Fu Bob O'Brien on August 13, 2015 · 1 comment in Buddhist Blog

Hello kung fu brothers and sisters. As many of you are well aware, on July 17th of this year Kung Fu Cinema Forum moderator Teako170 gave us the bad news: One of the oldest and greatest genre sites ever to grace the web,, had closed its doors for good, and our beloved forum disappeared with it. Fans worldwide were crushed by this loss, and fandom lowered it’s collective head in mourning. It was bad enough losing the site, but the forum too? was created and run by Mark Pollard, a man who shared his love of martial arts cinema through his site and his fantastic movie reviews. He kept us in the loop and shared his knowledge and passion with us. Kung Fu Fandom was originally created by Brian Clearly in 2001 for and the following year it merged with Mark’s site. After a couple years, KFF became autonomous and was run by several moderators on ezboard. In late 2007, the forum was reunited with Mark’s site and underwent a name change to ‘Kung Fu Cinema Forums’.

Since those humble beginnings the forum has been like a wonderful kung fu community clubhouse, open 24/7, for Asian cinema fans to gather and discuss, review, and share thoughts on our favorite (and least favorite) films. But it was so much more than just a place to talk about kung fu movies- it was a home away from home, always filled with interesting information and people, many who became friends and family. We’ve been through the good and the bad together. The late, great Linn Haynes was a huge part of our community, and he was taken from us in a terrible car accident. We also lost our cherished friends Winfred (Terence) and Andrew (Houndslow), and we all mourned the loss of our brothers together. When some members lost their jobs and even family members, and others endured health and financial woes, we were there for one another. We’ve been together as members overcame addictions, moved to new homes, started new jobs, found love, married, and many welcomed children (future fans) into their lives. Losing this forum was so much bigger than talking about old martial arts movies. The forum may have gone, but it wouldn’t be forgotten.

But still… some of us just could not accept that the forum was dead and gone. Surely something could be done? I formulated a last-ditch-effort plan,’s ‘abbot’ SMK provided some necessary technical information, we presented it to Teako- the only man that could reach Mr. Pollard- and pushed him forward as a lone kung fu soldier on our ‘Mission Improbable’. We crossed our fingers and awaited word back from him. Knowing that with each passing minute the chances of recovering even a semblance of what the forum once was were growing less and less likely, those days seemed to go on forever. Finally we got word that progress had been made. Thanks to Teako’s perseverance and Mark’s willingness to lend a hand, there was a chance at recovering the data. Then, after many additional hours of work, and with the assistance of several IT people including Monica, Linn’s widow and her brother who is a specialist in email/data recovery, Teako was able to pull the seemingly doomed forum out of the depths of it’s digital grave. That’s nearly a quarter of a million posts in approximately 20,000 threads, from over 1,600 forum members. Irreplaceable information, reviews, thoughts and writings from individuals, some, like Linn, that are no longer with us. 14 years of friendship-making, information cataloging, and history that was all very nearly erased forever. Teako paid the considerable expenses for all the recovery and IT help straight out of his own pocket, thinking only of saving everything that was so important to all of us. We owe him a huge thanks (plus remuneration) for his successful recovery. The forum will now rise up again out of the fire, resurrected, like a gigantic, unstoppable kung fu Phoenix!

We here at Shaolin Chamber 36 are extremely honored to announce that we will be hosting the forum at our site. SMK and I will act as administrators and forum moderators, and we are happy to say that the former KFC mods will remain in their positions. Since the KFC forum is gigantic, we will be merging the threads and forum members from our own small, but enthusiastic SC36 forum into it. So basically KFC forum members will gain some new brothers and sisters, and a wealth of fresh information.

For the restored forum to go live we are going to need your help. The recovery fees to save the original data, necessary transfer services, and the new software to get the forum up and running add up to $595.00, which is a pretty penny for a couple of family guys. Because we need to recoup Teako’s out-of-pocket, and to finance the re-launching of the forum, we are asking you to donate what you can to help us reach our goal. If everyone chips in we should be able to accomplish this with ease. Please chip in!

We are not trying to re-invent the wheel, and we want our old members to feel at home, so all the stuff you loved will still be available, but the forum will definitely be returning in a new and improved version. What you can look forward to once our goals are reached…

  • The old KFC forum was out-of-date from a technical standpoint, so it will be getting a much needed upgrade.
  • Forum members will NOT have to re-sign up, and your original forum name and post count will be intact.
  • Attaching photos and embedding videos will be so much easier for members.
  • The ‘SEARCH’ feature will be improved and more user-friendly.
  • There will finally be a ‘Bruce Lee’ section.
  • We will have a live Chat Room (something the KFC forum once had, but then lost).
  • There will be ‘Forum-only’ contests and give-aways.
  • And some other exciting features that SMK insists we save as surprises.
  • It will not be called ‘Kung Fu Cinema Forum’, nor even ‘Shaolin Chamber 36 Forum’. It’s getting it’s original name back- ‘Kung Fu Fandom

What are you waiting for? I miss my KFC brothers and sisters-lets get this forum back up and running!!!

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