“First Time Ever” For 36 Styles!

by Kung Fu Bob O'Brien on June 14, 2016 · 8 comments in Buddhist Blog

Greetings Kung Fu brothers and sisters, we have great news and have entered a new chamber level in the 36 Styles brand’s growth. Yes, two new designs are launching today, but it gets much better than that. We listen to our customers, and we heard you loud and clear on two things you want from us: some full color designs, and hoodies. Because you asked, we made it happen.


* Our first FULL COLOR 36 Styles design- FIVE VENOMS “Color Masks”!
* HOODIES- Both Pullover & Full-zip!
* GILDAN APPAREL for these two new designs!

New accurate size charts are included on the ordering pages, as the Gildan shirts run slightly different size-wise then our current brand. In the future we’ll also be offering more from our catalog on Gildan brand (including hoodies & sweatshirts), but for now it’s only for the FIVE VENOMS “Color Masks” and the BUDDHA’S NAME BE PRAISED. For those customers who prefer a more old-school style look, with only one or two colors, fear not- we will NOT be abandoning these types of designs. In the future we will be releasing plenty more of those, alongside of our new full color ones. That way everybody still gets what makes them happiest from 36 Styles.

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Trilpe J July 9, 2016

Sofar that good . BUT …What would be even greater . Is on tee shirts …But each shirt have one of the Venom on it . It should say , ” NUMBER 1 , with the name of the venom at top . Then NUMBER 2 , an sooo…. on .each shirt with its own Venom .


SMK June 18, 2016

I appreciate all the comments and support for these 2 new designs. Thank you.


Eric Daye June 17, 2016

I really love where you are going and the new styles are GREAT. Just ordered two for the Summer and will be grabbing at least 3 more. I get props everytime I wear your shirts. Always awesome!


Kung Fu Bob June 18, 2016

Thanks Eric! Please tell ’em where to find us when you get compliments. 😀 We appreciate your business, support of the brand, and words of encouragement.


Robert June 15, 2016

Hi bob just suggestions you should if you come
To nyc sale your t shirt at urban action showcase this year keep up good work


Kung Fu Bob June 18, 2016

Thanks Robert. I’d like to do that, so I’ll try to set it up.


Secret Executioner June 15, 2016

Awesome news here, Brother Bob.

That “Buddha’s name be praised” design is really cool too.


Kung Fu Bob June 18, 2016

Yes, I agree- it’s an awesome design! This one was totally the work of Abbot SMK. He first showed it to me about a year ago, and I’m excited that we’ve finally released it, as I want one myself! Now when I beat down oppressive overlords I won’t have to keep repeating myself… I can just point at my shirt. LOL


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