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December 7, 2010, the date a NEW Shaw Brothers, Region 1 DVD was released to the Martial World! Dragon Dynasty, who may be dealing with lackluster sales figures of their martial art movie releases, but still continue to release a flurry of titles to the masses, and I for one am forever grateful. The release I am referring to is of course the 1985 Shaw Brothers action comedy, Disciples of the 36th Chamber.


Fong Sai-Yuk (Hsiao Hou) is no ordinary martial arts student at the legendary Shaolin Temple. He has a greater talent than most for both kung fu and getting into trouble. Testing the patience of his instructors, including the 36th Chamber’s creator Master San Te (Gordon Liu, reprising the role that made him a kung fu superstar), Fong’s bold behavior leads him straight into a villainous trap. It’s up to San Te to protect and save his impudent apprentice.


The ‘1st 10’ Minutes
[flv:/video/DisciplesOfThe36thChamber_DragonDynasty_SC36.flv 498 332]


The ‘1st 10’ Minutes of Bey Logan’s Audio Commentary
[audio:http://www.shaolinchamber36.com/audio/DisciplesOfThe36thChamber_DragonDynasty_BeyLogan_SC36.mp3|titles=Disciples of the 36th Chamber (Audio Commentary)|artists=Bey Logan]


(Click for full cover, then right click to save or view image in full resolution)
Disciples of the 36th Chamber - Dragon Dynasty


Please do your best to support the companies putting out all legit releases of our favorite classic martial arts films. If you like Shaolin Chamber 36 and would also like to show your support, please click on one of the affiliate links listed below to make your ‘Disciples of the 36th Chamber’ DVD purchase. Buddha Bless You.



For those interested, most of the movie seems to be dubtitled. There are instances where the subtitles did differ from the dub, but the majority of the subtitles are in fact an exact written translation of the English dub.

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