Diggin’ Kung Fu With Johnnyray Gasca

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Within the Hip Hop DJ world of the 80’s there has always been a mystery surrounding the origins of “bootleg” Breakbeat records, who was behind these mysterious pressings on the Octopus label which eventually became the Ultimate Breaks & Beats series and featured what some would consider rare and hard to obtain cuts that DJs searched far and wide for. Later we find out that its founders were the legendary Breakbeat Lenny and his partner Breakbeat Lou. The same parallel’s of “bootlegging” these records to young ghetto kids from New York City existed in a similar industry which sold rare Kung Fu movies “bootlegged” onto VHS to some of those same Hip Hop kids that also enjoyed weekend trips to New York’s 42nd Street in Times Square back in the late 70’s and 80’s. This video company would be known as “SB Video” and just like the Ultimate Breaks & Beats series, SB Video would be responsible for reintroducing to an already familiar fan base as well as introducing to an entirely new group of people that would eventually become fans and sometimes fanatics of the Kung Fu movie genre so dominated by the legendary Shaw Brothers. These SB Videotapes were not only sold in specialty shops in NYC such as the legendary 43rd Chamber which was essentially the meeting place for fans and collectors alike to buy, trade, discuss and sometimes brag on owning hard to get movies but also copycat companies would eventually sprout up and sell worldwide by mail order ads placed in issues of Inside Kung Fu Magazine.

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Source: Diggin’ Kung Fu With Johnnyray Gasca – Nostalgia King

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