A Blast From The Past

by SMK on May 20, 2009 · 0 comments in Buddhist Blog

Look at what I found.

An old video clip I had posted on my original site, ShaolinChamber.com, taken from “The Best Intros in Martial Arts Movies” section. It’s a clip I had posted a few years ago from the Billy Chong movie, Kung Fu Executioner. It displays Carl R. Scott with some serious nunchuck skills, and Billy Chong as slick as ever. Looking at this video brings back some good memories, but at the same time it has me looking forward to the future and trying to build up the new site bigger and better than ever before.

I can’t believe I was using that Wonton font for the words “Shaolin Chamber”. Too funny.

I still remember the intro music in the video was provided by original Kung Fu Fandom member ‘Sevenhooks’. Which happens to be a mix of Jeru Tha Damaja’s instrumental for his song “Come Clean” and music from the theme of ‘Enter The Dragon’ by Lalo Schifrin.

I wasn’t going to do this, but let me embed my OLD video onto my NEW site which is now being hosted by the UK & Ireland Yahoo Video website. A special thanks goes to Bilal Akbar for I take it, originally downloading this video from Shaolin Chamber and then upping it to Yahoo Video. I actually encourage this, or just embedding kung fu videos to different sites, forums, as the more these videos, lobby card and stills images get around on the net, hopefully it will interest a non kung fu movie fan to actually check out some of these films and possibly get hooked on the genre like so many of us are. Which would lead to more kung fu/martial arts DVD sales, and these companies that are presently releasing all these movies will profit off of these films, and will continue to release even more titles. It’s really sad when I read about forthcoming DVD’s that I was highly anticipating get canceled due to poor sales of their previous releases. Hopefully one day they make it to retail, as I plan to buy each and every one.

If you have never seen this movie or clip before, enjoy.
If you have seen this movie or clip before, watch it again, it’s worth another view.

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