Top 5 ‘Monkey Style’ Films

by SMK on November 6, 2011 · 1 comment in Buddhist Blog

Thanks to brother Jay Lee for reminding me that this survey of the top 5 films featuring ‘monkey style’ kung fu films is due to come to a close. I must thank ALL of you who submitted your top 5 list. Without your participation, I could have not compiled this list. To be honest, I am in no way surprised as to which film received the most votes on this particular list, I am quite sure it’s a film that each and every one of you had listed in your top 5.

Now for the list of the TOP 5 Films Featuring ‘Monkey Style’ Kung Fu, as voted on by the SC36 disciples:

As I stated above, I pretty much knew that the 1979 Shaw Brothers film, ‘Mad Monkey Kung Fu’ would be victorious in this poll. I had also hoped that ‘Iron Monkey’ as well as ‘Snake in the Monkey’s Shadow’ made the Top 5 as well, and they did. Collectively, you all have great taste in films. 🙂 I look forward to your continued support by submitting your next TOP 5 in the next poll, which should be up in a few days. Thank you.

Here is a list of honorable mentions:

  • Knockabout (1979)
  • Monkey Fist, Floating Snake (1979)
  • Crazy Horse, Intelligent Monkey (1982)

1979 was such a great year for monkey kung fu films, wasn’t it?

To view all the TOP 5 lists that have been compiled so far, click here.

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Arthur November 7, 2011

1979 was even a good kung fu movie year


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